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We're all idiots.

Even if many believe to be better than that, think the great light has shown them the way and all that, we're all idiots. Can we not find the words to explain to the world how it all works, what it's all for or at least how we can act properly to find it out?

What's with those atheists or other forms of blind faith, be it in separated fractions of wisdom like philosophy, science or esoteric teachings. Are we not given to observe all that it takes to figure out logically that we are operators on some plane to fulfill a purpose beyond ourselves? Is it not clear that we are of multitudes, because it takes all of us to accomplish this?

Only when we globally acknowledge this superior design and purpose, our behavior can approach justification, but before then we cannot rely on acting efficiently or rightfully driven on behalf of our existence to begin with.

The first question to meditate upon, as far as I believe, is this: In a giant universe full of giant masses that happily explode and implode and swirl around each other in some logical way based on simple and reliable "rules", why would anything more complicated than this arise on any one of those big balls with a certain demise and notorious instability with seemingly tremendous uncertainty in its development and the seeming potential to go in infinitely different ways?

Why would anything of microscopic complexity emerge so incredibly localized under some very specific circumstances with a highly specified system inside of it to maintain and evolve a structure of even smaller proportion with even more tremendous complexity and next to no randomness what so ever?

For those, who cannot let go of the desire to be without given direction and demand to be in charge of their own ultimate purpose, what kind of infection would you hope to see in mankind or life as a whole that could have an impact on the universe, change planets and suns to transform them again into what and why?

What should be the infinite mission of life, pulling threads throughout galaxies and beyond?

How and why could it have started on some planet far away from any hope to even leave it let alone concur the powers of space to dominate only itself at the end as it tries all the way already?

Doesn't it seem a little bit more plausible that all this is designed to fulfill a very specific purpose for which all the rest of the universe came into existence to begin with?

A giant fabrication hall with countless machinery and appliances is needed to create a single chocolate treat only so that a smile goes on some persons face and this smile inspires the enabling of this enterprise to continue producing chocolate balls. Yes, sure, this is most likely a stupid analogy, but conceptually I hope it's inspiring. If all this machinery wasn't finely tuned to work it perfect harmony together, those chocolate balls would never see the light of day. Yes, sure, this doesn't help the quality of the analogy as a whole, but it too is about unity and harmony.

Mankind looks the way it does, because it is what remains after countless wars and other catastrophic events, hatred and greed, vanity and lust, jealousy and disdain, but it still exists only because of love and trust, joy and care, compassion and empathy.

If you then wanted to give either section a try for what might become of it, how can you argue against the second set?

I just leave the rest to you right now, but it's been on my mind and I'm sure you have some ideas about all of this.

Love and Light

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Comment by Taron on July 26, 2012 at 2:53pm

Funny that you say that in regards to balance, I've been saying this for as long as I can remember, simply out of observation or experience for that matter. I've noticed that any path is balanced by positives and negatives, regardless whether you chose to pursue incline or decline. The point being was never to confuse a negative event with a downfall or a positive as confirmation. Instead keep your eye on your chosen direction and expect supporting and challenging things to happen along the way. You can count on them, but you can almost certainly count on the balance as well. This is not about paranoia or prophesy, but about keeping track and appreciating everything for its own merit.

Equally funny is, of course, the hermetic statement, because that, too...ok, I'm getting tired of myself already, but I used to refer to coincidence as the result of universal mechanics, crossroads and synergy. 

However, I have no idea about the extremities of either Heaven nor Earth...ain't that a relief?! :o}

Thanks, Julian!

Comment by Taron on July 26, 2012 at 12:46pm

The title of the post was a warning, hahaha... :o)

I'm excited about what and how you pick up of all that. Believe it or not, it's all directly connected, but some links are left invisible. (hints:what is love if not direction, why direction without purpose, why empathy without collaboration, etc.etc.etc...)

Comment by Being on July 26, 2012 at 12:28pm

So you just blew my mind. When I want to answer one way, I read some more and are on a completely different tack. Then when i want to discuss the next point I am projected to the opposite side of my thought.  I will have to come back again to see if I am witless or have something concrete in interpretation and thought.

Meantime I always open and read your interesting and thought provoking blogs Timur.

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