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Every event in life is meaningful. Just because you don't see it, doesn't make it less true.

The major events in your life will either hinder or support your progress.
Usually those events that hinder are those that are held onto.
It's very easy to see the result of this.
If you are someone that has left and lived/journeyed to other places other than where you grew up, and you return to that place where you grew up, you can see a difference in yourself by the observations and feelings you have toward those you grew up with.

You see the same patterns of those who have stayed, and usually the initial emotion is, well, eww for lack of a better term. Your nose kinda scrunches up and you just know.

Now take that same framework and apply it to people that get "stuck" in life.
PTSD for example. There was an experience so extreme, in that it was not able to be processed fully so the energy "stuck" to the individual.
That "stuck" energy prevented that person from moving on. Stagnation...

What happens in nature when stagnation occurs, death and disease.

The one thing I would like to point out in this evolution, is that the issue MUST be brought to CONSCIOUS light. This is the process.

Its not some simple process of having some white robbed "healer" sweep away the energy.
The experience needs to be brought out of the "dark" subconscious realm into the conscious light.
Now you have understanding of the problem and can work with it.
The context of the biblical meme "having hands laid upon" takes a new meaning.
Those "hands" are yours. Your conscious efforts to shed light.

Probably the reason this energy has "stuck" with you so long is that there IS an important lesson to be learned or unveiled that did not occur upon the initial contact of the event.

The terms "Sins of the father" or "Karma" are illusionary. These are constructs of "religion/spirituality" that serve to SEPERATE the INDIVIDUAL from the LESSON.
Why you pay money to someone to give a brief reprise from the "guilt".
That emotion is not good or bad. It's a signal that something needs to be dealt with.
That's the subconscious yelling at you, 'Hey bud, you need to go back and look at this'.

Is it "painful", sure, in our silly words to try and describe emotions.
But that's the process. The GREAT WORK (in my humble opinion).

Shed LIGHT on that which brings emotion. There are LESSONS there!

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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Comment by Chris Kelley on December 27, 2018 at 6:39pm

Additional note on this.

Acceptance DOES NOT mean servitude. In fact it's the opposite almost. The "acceptance" is a process of understanding. You cannot understand that which is not of yourself.
I think that's a derivation of a biblical statement, but it makes sense when a deep understanding occurs by observing the reaction, thoughts, and feeling that occur internally as a result of a event.
Then it becomes internalized, and accepted. Now its yours and its up to your discretion on how to deal with it. This is not subjugation.

Comment by Chris Kelley on December 23, 2018 at 11:32pm

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