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Reflections, Awareness, Light (Potential)

I started this thread of thought with title "Shame, Guilt" because I wanted to explore the idea of expectation and deliverance from point of view of analyzing the interaction of the individual and the social group dynamic.

Now what is becoming clear is that each are reflections of the other, and more importantly in my opinion, being self aware during these reflections, is an highly effective tool when it comes to self development.
The map is provided...

A lot of things are going on here in those two words, "shame" and "guilt". First of all it should be considered that these emotions are the result of relationships.
Not just the first type of relationship that would usually come to mind, that of a personal/significant other association, but also those relationships on a more macro level.
The family, the village, the town, and even now the larger communities established through social media and common interests and opinion through the ever powerful hashtag.

These weird games we play with one another.
Expectation and deliverance. Basically.

Perhaps these external relationships are but reflections of the internal relationship.
I'm sure this line of thinking has been written about before, and but it's something important enough to be re-stated/considered I believe.

From my perspective, this is a good thing. It's a tool for self reflection at an immediate level, and also a subtle level.
If there are things out of balance within, these imbalances will manifest in the external world via decision or non-decision and eventually results through causation (and/or weird shit).

Straight up, your environment is the result of your actions, which is the result of that which is within.
This environment is so complex when you consider the different relationships you have with others, the habits you perform, and the things/areas that your are attracted to.
So much is there, but that's also true in the internal landscape of being.
This is frankly powerful. If you want to understand the self, look around. And see!

Random phrase enters my mind now:

"when you stare into the darkness, it stares back".

Lol, yeah, if that's all your are looking for...

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