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"Amfortas is a character in a medieval Grail romances. He is the Grail king who is sick from a wound that will not heal. That wound is metaphorical. A gash between himself and nature. It consists of his belief that he is cut off from the Earth. In such a state, he becomes a tyrant, and his kingdom becomes a wasteland.

Regardie’s reference to the “wound of Amfortas” shows us that the magician — whom Regardie refers to as the “theurgist” — is not trying to make an evoked spirit into a slave — as though it is something other than himself — but rather that he is attempting to make peace with it. To become one with it. To assimilate it back into his consciousness. He aims to absorb its power. To accomplish this kind of healing, he requires a special kind of remedy.

This last point is extremely important because it shows us what has gone wrong with magic since the time of the first shamans. Fear has driven many magical practitioners to use sorcery as a weapon. Or as a shield. Or as armor to separate themselves from the Earth. To reinforce the split between humankind and nature. To use magic as a means of controlling the world, as though the world is something “other” than themselves."

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