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Respect of all existence is the simple key to harmony.

       Respect of all existence is the simple key to harmony. 

As harmony is the ever changing waves and wakes of consumption and creation.

All forms playing on life’s ever rising and lowering seeking fibers picking true passions path.

The universe is expanding a the speed of life!

It is growth of us as one fabric of creation,

linked as individual fibers being the guardians and stewards of strength and will to root or seed.

Thanks to all fortunes giving miss and great turns on the wave of wonder.

All giving and taking form!

To see the ever divers opportunities we share for those with which witch we share the spell.

A stream of ethereal continuity to which we can see and be all.

Our cycles so seemingly short giving way to gains new to be.

Through life and its lessons we are given many opportunities for thanks.

Life is growth pains and gains!

Be it growth in intellect trough open observation, experience, or intuition.

Empower the growth of our biological body.

Through repartition and exercise fueled with wholesome and humble foods,

harvested in the kinship of creation.

Thankful to experience their essence within to grow and change with the new combining existing view.

Some form mixing of consciousness has been further growth for both.

This is done with the knowledge your essence too will give on and live on.

There is also the growth of spirit, through the nourishing warmth of sharing, kinship and Love.

With time we can see the gain from being pushed to the ground.

For now I am grounded, seeing the nature of life’s unbiased deliverance of challenge and change.

Thankful it has given me the will to choose what to make of it.

So to this point I give my Thanks!

To give all thanks you can become the guardians and stewards to the future, not by what we say but by what we do and help do! To all I will say Thanks for the opportunity to share in your lives!

To all love hope and thanks.

Namaste JD

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