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Usually I don't write because I think I have an answer.
It's just do to attempt to address a response that I feel or see.
And that's all it is. A response.
You may not see what I see, and what I see could be completely wrong and misguided.

In a weird way that is basically the essence of this post.
By writing about this I am forced to consider the audience the listener.
This helps, but to some degree it's still me. I am projecting my idea of an audience into a form, that I responding to.
Things change fast. But the foundation was laid slowly.

So speaking on a "broader" scale of observation, I see the transition of landscape now. I was gonna say control, but that's a limiting word.
And that's exactly what this is about, but not.

Everyone has a voice now, or at least a public vehicle for expression.
The voice was always there...

With that type of "power" or "potential", we still do what we have always done. We express.
Like the damn broke and emotion flows now on a more public channel.

Everyone's emotion is different, through expression.
But just because there is expression, doesn't mean there is value.
Straight up.

With so many avenues of information opened now, it seem's like the process of consumption is basically jumping from one lily pad to another. In hopes of finding the best one. Just jumping...

I don't what to say here. The best I can do is say that, things change.
And so do you. It can be scary, but it can also be awesome.

That's nature, right?

So do we jump in response?
Or act in presence?

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