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Yesterday wasn't as good as today but this morning was bad.  I was pretty fucked up the other day when I took opium tincture it really made me feel down and I couldn't stop sleeping.  I've been drinking sassafrass tea for a few days to cleanse out all my medication overdose it so happens that along with my demon problems I have a gov brat enemy who is influencing my meds to be tampered with and these aren't symptoms of mental illness this medication is fucked up makes me sleep 20 hours a day and the injection is so thick that the nurses grunt and have trouble injecting it into my arm.

Anyway this enemy is related to the demon and I'll never say why but he keeps telling me that it's almost over and the sassafrass tea is getting rid of his nano technology so I have a little hope and faith left.  This morning he was really fucking around with me and that's why it sucked.  

I have a lot to do when my time is over with this demon I need find love and the future of this love depends upon finances as in marriage and I'll have to see if I can attain a small fortune and eventually get married.  I'll definitely find love but if I can't attain a fortune then I'm going to have to let her go and if that happens I will live my life out as a monk type.  Either way life will take care of me and I will be happy.  I have many hobbies and interests and I guess there will always be people in my life that care about me.

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