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Right Reincarnation


As we accumulate actions, the perceived view of what we are builds, as we come closer to being recognized, we do not come closer to reality, we come closer to our death


The words written here, cannot be viewed, in any light but that of personal conceptions (no matter how little they skew) one either creates a hollow construct, or the death of the image must come


What is an honorable death?


As the recognition of what is being said increases, becoming clarified to a point, can one put forth the end, in which an entirely divergent focus is revealed, thus killing the leading image, even as it takes hold?


If we are not to be a rigid confusion, of various ideas which cannot ultimately identify, but only create a degree of mutual ground (not synchronicity but compromise) simply a general framework, where each may agree roughly


If one is not to become trapt, held within the ideas others have of them, what is right reincarnation?


One must break their idea, upon finishing the delivery of it, act for something that does not define, and rest only upon natural grounds


I need not agree with ue, but we both may need drink, or a place to sleep, must our spaces be fully defined, and absolute in their definition?


When we provide for our own services, when we put forth universal ideas, with personal focuses, do we meet one another, or the reality of individual acts?


Having finished reading this, do ue understand me better, 1 cannot know uer past (even in friendship only partial: only if we kill our depth; depth is permanent solitude) 1 can only appreciate uer values, to the degree 1 may value them, or to the degree they show integrity


Is someone only charitable, always charitable, and in every way charitable, all light casts shadows


How does one die each day?


The more people see, the more they put forth the image, it solidifies not to an end, what are ends but the context (of something new?) the grounds of the next moment, already fading away


Do we trap ourselves in confusion, the more we imagine ourselves?


To kill the idea as it finishes, one must practice letting go, we must release an idea, that we know the others thought, how do we allow the basis?


Is the basis of any form, what it should be, or what it could be utilized for?


The idea comes to its climax, it dies and fades away, the present already includes foresight, just in one word (what does it define in the ends) only a step taken forward, only a direction 1 may reflect upon, why was the new focus even made?


Do we rest in what has been achieved, do we allow others to rest in their vision, and always there is a need (why’s/what’s/how’s: continue or change the end was only a moment) they accumulate


Death is good soil, there is only change (and this is eternal learning) reincarnation as maturation

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Comment by Chris Kelley on March 29, 2018 at 10:43pm

"I have found the essence of Bushido: to die!" True ego is that which attempts to hold on to things and experiences. Its not boastful as what is generally accepted, but I believe its a construct of fear. In every moment this game is played. Especially during interactions with others. And on a more subtle level with "ourselves". We must bring awareness to this activity. Then we can be guided down the river. To let go is to accept what you already have..

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