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Rivers, Slipstreams, and Flow States

True will, gods, the zone? So this is an interesting thesis for me, and it will require more research... But I thought I would present the idea in its raw form. I like finding new commonalities.

From the basic western esoteric teachings, correspondences are key to successful operations.
With this concept of correspondences in mind, I do like to consider the "macro" perspective of correspondences (as if planets weren't big enough).

I am thinking about this from more of a fractal relationship if you will. Patterns that are independent of size.
Patterns of perception and thought.
So here are the core components of what I can see some commonality (there's good chance that someone else has considered and written about this before, but I will continue in my thoughts).

  • True will - Once a person has aligned themselves with a future outcome, opportunities and synchronicities appear out of thin air. Like floating down a river that you have defined a destination for.
  • Entities - Regular practitioners of evocation rituals speak of a river or flow of energy that the entities represent. Its easier to understand the energy when it can be called forth wearing a "mask" or personification that we can interpret.
  • Flow state - Could be considered "new agey", but if you read some of the literature concerning neurological function, there is definitely a optimal "zone" of consciousness that can be achieved by high level professional athletes.

I bring your attention to the three experiences listed above because it seems to me that there a commonality between them.
This is what interests me, and I'd thought I share my thoughts with you all...ONCE AGAIN!


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Comment by neophyte on June 9, 2018 at 5:04am

Directed force (true mind,will) applied to object ( body) produces directed motion (flow state) :-)

Comment by Chris Kelley on June 8, 2018 at 10:26pm

Keep the river flowing. Thoughts are nice, but they get stuck in your head and they become weeds. Stagnation will physically manifest in your world and hold you back. The rut is there for a reason. You have traveled down the same path for too long. I know, I have experienced it..

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