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--As a practicing Rosicrucian (Amorc)-we learn that there are three steps to a successful visualization.  They are:

1) A clear "mental picture".  we must have, in our mind's eye, a clear mental picture of what we want to manifest. We should be able to see everything in minute detail.


2) We infuse the picture with "emotion"-. We should not onle see it, but "feel" it as well!  Not only is the picture very clear, in every detail, but the more emotion we put into it, gives it more power as it goes into the Cosmic-!


3) After we have made a clear, detailed picture in our mind, and infused it with emotion, the third step is the one of "Release".

Once released into the Cosmic, it goes into a higher plane of concsiousness, where a manifestation can occur.


So, in summary, the three steps are-

1) A clear mental picture    2) Infuse the picture with emotion.  3) The principle of release.   With these three steps, done properly, we can expect to manifest what we desire.   CH- FRC

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