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First the worst, second the best.

Yup, you know I run the bottom where they all turn black. Relying on the Virgin Mary and counting down like Muhammad. It' a necessary evil. How else should "we" proceed? I do have Faith. Stay debating. I love it. Very Libertarian like us who squeeze an orange for whatever we're looking for. Temptation in of itself is sweet because we can appreciate that we have some sort of value. We stay bringing to the table. How else shall we proceed? Start from the top and allow gravity to do its thing. Lovely, now I see. Forevermore... Mhmm. I have a way of going about it. The Ascended Master doing its thing. The Great White Brotherhood. Lives are at stake. We'll move through them like a hurricane and pick whatever up like a tornado. Yup, the Rule of Two.

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