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A wandering vagabond stumbled into the village, a young man -barely a child- watched him with curiosity ‘hello there’ the child began, wishing to ask who this stranger was.


One of the elders and a master hunter appeared, cocking an arrow he waved the stranger away, still the man came on, begging for admittance to the village, the two held a short conversation -the man could show nothing of worth or recognition- an arrow was loosed and the vagabond passed ‘better safe than sorry.’


The boy cried out to the elder ‘why do this, he has done nothing to harm us!’ the elder looked into the boys eyes and began: “that man could have been sickly, removed from his home as a plague bearer -should that hold truth- he could have spread disease to the young and old; do you have the talent to heal, or do you know any in the village so talented?” no I don’t:’ the man could have been desperate, more than willing to lie, to find refuge;” the man glanced at the corpse “or he could have been a robber, then he would have been plenty willing to lie; do you know how honest he was from a glance?” well you can’t tell from a glance!’ that is perfectly true;” how long would it take to tell, what the village possesses, what worth is easily removed?; but what if he was a scout -which is also a spy- letting open the gates for those behind?; we cannot know who he was, but we can know what he wasn’t, without merchandise/crafts or proof of connection; better safe than sorry”


That may be exaggerated, however it is true that random travelers, could and can still be met with hostility -how much depends on the place and time?- hostility and poverty of health, they close people’s hearts and minds, certain places you do not wander without awareness -they are the most common place!-.


Safety is a two-way sword, it cuts out the best in favor of survival, which is not a fault -of itself- yet the degree to which safety rules, is the degree to which the best is suppressed.


Brushing oil on a wooden board, I only push the dough to a certain distance of the edge, or the excess oil will fall on the ground, making an oil slick to walk on ‘better safe than sorry!


Safety is the degree of allowance, providing for lacking capability (knowing how much oil is required -how much will remain on the dough- one uses just enough to push as far as possible, resulting in a finer product in this case) whether the material used to build a bridge, or the individual craftsman allowing for error, the degree of safety may indicate the inability of form.


One moves beyond safety by moving through it, the skilled baker has a different safety extending through, from that of an inexperienced one (the safe use of oil, this focuses more minutely on multiple aspects -the baker following instructions- they have one major focus) the bridge is built and one simply focuses on loads, another has a dozen points to focus upon (building hanging gardens -both fruiting and flower- producing electricity or sound frequencies by channeling air -heating or cooling air by this process- one creates a city wide regulated temperature) the depth of the design creates integral safety (by utilizing tall buildings -in conjunction with small buildings/undercities/hills/trees- one eliminates the need for disconnected heating, by regulating the overall temperature and air currents) beyond a singular focus, here arises prudence.


Prudence moves beyond safety, by incorporating multiple factors, in creating twisting water tubes proof against leaks -along with hollow shafts for wiring- the honeycomb or other design strengthens the bridge, more than the simply solid support beams would -strength through fractal design minimizing material- pure safety limits the best, also by demanding the simply adequate in design.


The true limiter of the best however, is a lack of safety -that is to say the shoddy- that which is reinforced by self-limitation, the ideal form of modern dominance, relativity in its most retarded form (for I wish to move past the idea, that destructive or negative are evil -equal to the idea of death as evil- the true evil is lack of growth!) growth as it exists is in its most retarded/leveled form.


Safety arises in ignorance ‘warning the hot chocolate is hot!’ but sophisticated idiot proofing makes sophisticated idiots, creating the belief one couldn’t reasonably do better -coincidence!- it arises in disconnection (would electricity need the same safe proofing -if it were wireless?- but I haven’t read Tesla yet, the three forces have gained sound enough grounding) the disconnect began through the modern epoch, but I can’t read much of modern thought, until the ancient thought is understood, this is prudence in forming one’s own opinion -we each begin at the start!-.


Thus one understands errors in their own thought, along with originality in new routes, by coming to the present knowledge, with an already developed world view, this is an initiatic act.


If prudence is a characteristic, then balance and wisdom are virtues, an attempt to create law/virtue/character, as a form of 33 (diversity does not only create limitation, it creates the definition of structure) seeking a harmonic whole.


Please, take the writings over this past burst with a grain of salt, most were written in hours, and with little editing, they are simply some initial explorations, preparing to create greater depth for act 3 -generating the leaping off points for deeper exploration- thus they are likely somewhat poorly formed or ignorant -in who knows how many regards!- BTW the first story was set in a time of strife.


Thank you for your time, I hope you have found some worth, Namaste.


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