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As we make our way towards the new year and complete an additional spin around our nearest star, the hopes and inspirations influenced by the upcoming and promising 2019 can stimulate tremendous excitement. And while we navigate through the month of December, a month in where powerful and highly vibrant frequencies fluctuate throughout our planet, and its sway helps us in preparing for the harvest of the upcoming year. We should come to the understanding and acknowledgment of the fact that the times we're living in are packed with pure energy, restoration, and drive. That we have traveled an entire year in our lifetime, and that the moment to reverse anything negative, and to release ourselves from the baggage accumulated throughout the year, is now most appropriate. There is an immense and intensive work to be performed interiorly as well as in the exterior aspect of life, that is to say, we must reflect, adjust, and project, and project in a way that is conscious and in tune of and with our soul's purpose and mission.

Coming to the end of the first week in December, the month ruled by the fire sign of Sagittarius, and the New Moon in Sagittarius herself, the nurturing and intuitive nature of the beginning of the month will begin to take form as it prepares to ingrain a flourishing and magical essence that can elevate the current status of our happiness, luck, abundance, expansiveness, higher-thinking, and even legal matters, into a more promising and concrete reality. Sagittarius, being the most optimistic and jovial sign of the zodiac, reminds us of the high places we have been in and pushes us with its fiery nature to conceive a new and higher attitude and potential.

Now that we are in the waning stages of the moon's cycle through the constellation of Scorpio and the rest of the zodiac signs over a year's time. We should prepare utilities, time, energies, and willpower to break any evil eye, hexes, bindings, or any malignant witchcraft that is present in our lives and which is/are being projected to us by ill-intended individuals. The forces are aligned, vibrating higher each day as we get closer to the final New Moon of the year. So bring out that dusty old scrying mirror, black candles, and skulls, to accompany you in the last waning crescent moon cycle of 2018.

Another factor to take in consideration during this week is the element of Fire, as well as the transitioning of Mercury Retrograde back to its progressive course. Fire being a masculine and projective element is very active as a whole as well as in every single one us at our solar plexus region. This is a great time and opportunity to work expelling aspects of our shadow self that no longer serve us and which have been thoroughly evaluated and understood. Use Fire to vanish any stubbornness latching on to our personality, destructive greed, jealousy, anger, laziness, feelings of inferiority, Indecisiveness, nervousness, anxiety, lack of energy, and resentment.

Now that Mercury returns once again to its corresponding course over the weekend. We can look forward to opening the roads for the last ascending Lunar cycle of the year 2018 and Full Moon. One last little whisper to send out into the cosmos this year with the willingness to receive its fruit in the upcoming 2019. As Mercury is refreshed in its trajectory, it shines its powerful influence over our mind and gives us the opportunity to better assess our thinking patterns and enhance our conceptualization skills. Providing for us a wide range of possibilities for the reformation of our mental structure, our reasoning, our communications skills, and our intelligence.

As you may well see, this first week of December and the upcoming weekend are packed with a tremendous amount of energy flow and opportunity. It is always wise, to, at the end of a year's cycle, begin organizing our time schedule and our setting of short-term to long-term goals for the upcoming 2019. To mastermind and layout the blueprint of a new plan of engagement that will facilitate for you a higher rate of success, lasting prosperity, a fluid abundance, enhanced beauty, passionate and ferocious sex, and exceptional health. Remember to keep yourself and your personal environment clean at all times for your spiritual and personal well-being, and to resemble strength and purity in all the decisions you make while managing your undertakings.

May your workings be fruitful 
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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