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You will need an alter with a black alter cloth, a black scrying mirror, two black candles, small glass of water, wine, a chalice of wine, foods associated with the dead, incense burner, and necromancy incense.


-3 parts wormwood

-2 parts frankincense

-2 parts gum mastic

-3 parts dittany of Crete

-1/2 part olive oil

-1/2 part wine

-1/2 part honey

-a few drops of your own blood

Substitutions can include: white copal, Solomans seal, vervain, dittany of Crete, or wormwood by themselves.


Chocolate, nuts, bread, olives, mushrooms, and anything dried, fermented, or preserved.

When all are gathered, the candles and incense are kindled and a circle is cast in silence, backwards ( counterclockwise ). Elemental quarters are invoked starting in the North counterclockwise ( in necromancy everything is done in reverse ) Gods and Goddesses are invoked in there aspects as guardians or guides of the dead: Hades, Shiva, Osiris, Papa Legba, Anubis, Kali, Hekate, Morregan, Santa Muerte, Persephone, etc...Replenish the incense at this point. The Priest or Priestess takes up the bell to recite the Grand Necromantic Citation:

By the mysteries of the deep ( ring )

By the flames of the Banal ( ring )

By the power of the west ( ring )

By the silence of the night ( ring )

And by the Holy rites of Hekate

We call thee by ties of love.

Oh spirits of the Blessed Dead !

Come and break thy eternal fast this night.

So mote it be !

The Priest and Priestess first invokes the names of their Beloved Dead, rings the bell once for each name, and passes the bell clockwise so the next covenor can do the same until it reaches the start again. When the bell returns to the Priest or Priestess he or she begins the Grand Necromantic Charge:

Allay Fortission Fortissio Allynson Roa !

Allay Fortission Fortissio Allynson Roa !

Allay Fortission Fortissio Allynson Roa ! ( ring )

The Grand Necromantic Charge is then repeated a second time aloud by all covenors at once, followed by a ( ring ) of the bell. The Charge is then repeated a third time by all covenors in SILENCE. The silence then extends into a meditation where we have a chance to mentally greet those spirits we have called and commune with them. You may use the black scrying mirror flanked by the two candles if you choose to try and see the image of your beloved dead. The meditation ends with a ( ring ) of the bell.

A small glass of water is then passed around clockwise. As each covenor receives the glass of water they make a silent toast to the spirits present. When the glass has made its round it is then placed in the western quarter of the circle with a small plate of food. Plates of food and wine are passed around to the covenors. All things are passed and consumed in SILENCE. After food and wine are consumed replenish the incense. The Priest or Priestess then recites the license to depart:

Go, go departed Shades,

Or linger if you will.

By the Lady of Darkness,

And the Lord of Silence,

We license thee to depart

Into thy proper place.

And be there Love between us evermore.

So mote it be !

A toast is made to the God and Goddess. The God and Goddess are given thanks and farewell, elementals are dismissed, and the Circle is opened clockwise.

This ritual is a modified version of a ritual from the book ' Creating Circles and Ceremonies ' by Oberon Zell and Morning Glory Ravenheart.

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