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01) BOTH Wear Red & Black
02) BOTH Have Beards
03) BOTH Have The Same Letters In Their Name
04) BOTH Promise Things For Being Naughty Or Nice
05) BOTH Hang Out With Small Entities That Perform Tasks For Them
06) BOTH Go Flying Through The Air
07) BOTH Are Named Nick - One Is Called "St Nick" and the other is Called "Old Nick"
08) BOTH Live In Extreme Conditions In Extreme Directions
09) BOTH Use Unconventional Ways To Gain Entry To Your Household
10) BOTH Have An Unusual Interest In Young Human Children
11) BOTH Have Commercial Images Used To Sell Items You Don't Need
12) December 25th is The 359th  Day Of The Year And 359 = ShTN = Shaitan

Shant  =  שנט =  359 =   "That Net"

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