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Science of Learning, from the inside out: How to be a Genius

Learning happens from the inside out, not the outside in.  Proficient knowledge and information is obtained by the growth and development of the brain.  Science is hardcoded in our brain, all human beings can be a genius, if only modern humankind payed enough attention to how their brain works then I would not have to be saying such obvious thing.  Anything in physical reality is 100% obvious and 1000% obvious when it comes to our own bodies.  There are techniques one can utilize in order to grow specific brain areas related to the science of meditation.  If only humans actually understood what the ancients are saying.

Concentration and focus does not mean staring at some object for a long period of time, it means sustained meditation on certain ideas.  Ideas here means information processing which occur outside of auditory thoughts, imagination, and memory. Everything a human being does is done by activating very specific areas of the brain and it is only the things which one can directly perceive that gains traction, for example, when someone says thinking, it means thoughts or 'reasoning' If one says mediate on an image, people think they have to imagine something and hold that image.  Thinking needs to be re-defined as a innate human process of directly stimulating brain areas by holding ideas independant of memory, imagination, or thoughts.  Meditation is not a relaxation tool, it is truly the scicne of developing your brain and this is called Learning.  

Ideas here means anything; be it an esoteric symbol (which the masters have left us), geometry, numbers, words, images,music, etc. and these can be processed by the brain through using certain parts of the brain and that leads not only to increased cognition, but enhanced perception which is the foremost of experiential knowledge by growing and developing those regions.  All aspects of the body will grow and become more efficient when used, the brain is no different and is in fact the first line of this.  Ideas cannot be perceived thus humans pay little attention to them and what they do.  Holding something in your head does not mean using thoughts, memory or imagination, it means processing the symbol or object by using your brain which works exactly like a muscle.  If you want to move a muscle, then one has to use a certain area of their brain, and here, for the first time in modern times, is revealed the importance of symbols.  Symbols are tools for learning, they are ideas to be held in your mind not by the vulgar imagination, but by directly processing them as a conceptual idea, that is, by searching into them.  

Modern mankind focus on what can be seen, even in their own minds, so they have little knowledge on how the mind works and how it can be used to grow into a savant  without head trauma.

Thinking, and meditation needs to be redefined and properly understood.  The world scarcely knows what these actually mean and the profound implication of how it works are ignored or else everyone would be a genius.

It is a difficult topic to explain because its not something which one can see, you can come to understand how your brain works and from that you eventually know what to do and then it is 1000% obvious.  Like I said, all parts of the body use the brain, thinking is the use of the brain.  Thinking an auditory thought uses only one part, thinking using imagination uses other parts, thinking using memory uses another part.  Muscle motion, another part, math, another part.  You get the picture.  All things we do is the use of our brain.  The correct way to use it to your advantages is the key, and this requires things which are not directly perceived, you cannot directly perceive yourself processing an idea and inquiring into it, you can only 'know' that you are doing it.  This is the most hidden aspect of the mind, when one does this for a sustained period it is called concentration and in ancient days called mediation.  

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