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1st Week of November

As we head into the third to last Waning Moon cycle and the last two months of the year, Scorpio shines its powers and beauty on banishing crafts. We are now in the presence of opportunity that is available for discovery and the application of the elixir to the poison which we have accumulated over the last 12 years, and which lives in us after carrying all the baggage for such an extended time.

After harvesting the fruits grown by the seeds we planted back in 2006. We are now ready to prepare our fresh soil and are at the tipping point of a renewal phase in which prior to arriving at it, a banishment of unnecessary links, habits, people, and places, is needed. The Waning Moon we are currently under is here to facilitate this process as much as it is a moment of growth, a time in where we open up, adjust, and prepare to welcome the "NEW" into our lives.

The following information is intended to present to you a formula that when applied, will bring forth the elimination of unhealthy patterns. The rejuvenation of the mind and restoration of the soul.

The Waning Scorpio's Renewal

Day 1 November 1st

~ Perform three days of fasting along with a natural and herbal purge. Take the full day or night to sleep-in for self-recovery. Take a herbal bath or schedule a steam room session.

Day 2 November 2nd

~ Perform a 7 Ballons break. Take 7 inflatable balloons and insert in each one a toenail, a hangnail, and a hair. Inflate each ballon and place them in seven different locations in your home, starting with placing one behind your front door. Light a black candle and pop the balloons with the flame, while allowing the impact to put out the flame and re-lighting it to repeat the process with the other 6 balloons. Place the residuals in a glass jar for later use.

Day 3 November 3rd

~ Take the full day or night to sleep-in along with taking some relaxing teas or potions throughout the day and night.

~ Light a black candle behind your front door. Cut a lime in half and place that half next to the candle while sprinkling powdered coffee over its surface until it is covered. Consume lots of water and exercise your ability to stay emotionally and mentally grounded.

Day 4 November 4th

~ Dispose of the half of lime behind your front door and get to the gym or local park to do an extensive cardio exercise and stretching.

~ Drink two gallons of water with lemon & honey mix. Mix each gallon of water with 7 drops of lime and 7 drops of honey

~ Perform a brief Elemental & Astronomical alignment. Become self-aware of the elemental structure within you and its influence on the exterior world. Recall the basic properties of the four primal elements.

~ Align yourself with the rise and setting of the waning moon. Light a candle with your name written on it backward and placed in front of a mirror at Moonrise. Light the second candle at moonset at the center of a preferred sigil of uncrossing and banishment.

~ Perform a void meditation in Death Posture for as long as you can in a calm and serene atmosphere.

Day 5 November 5th

~ Practice your craft of Shielding. Begin to form a perimeter of protection around your home. Whether it is through energy, spirit placement, totems, amulets, witch's bottle, jars, dolls, pins, nails, knives, enchantments, chants, etc.

~ Perform the calling. Call on your higher self, spirits, guides, gods, ancestors etc. And ask for assistance in your transformation process from the old to the new. Ask of them to assist you in regaining parts of your soul which are lost and/or broken.

Day 6 November 6th

~ Make for yourself a reception & offering ceremony. Prepare a magickal space to receive your spirits, guides, gods, ancestors etc. Or a space in where you can elevate your consciousness in attunement with your higher self. Place in this space or altar any significant objects in the representation of your special ones on the other side. And give them or your higher self the offering. Whether it is ecstasy, food, liquids, etc.

~ The Crossing. Make a sigil of your full name, date of birth, and all the desired aspects of self or life past or present. Mark a big X over it and with sharp scissors cut the sigil in a cross-like manner. Burn the four pieces of paper and deposit the ashes in a jar. Head to a road crossing at the rising of the moon and place the ashes at the center of the crossing while your third eye and heart are facing the west quarter.

Day 7 November 7th & New Moon in Scorpio

~ Take an old shirt or pair of pants and cut a long piece, enough to resemble a cord. Take the cord and make seven knots on it while projecting your seven chakras on to each knot. Pass the cord by your feet, your knees, your waist, your solar plexus, your heart, your throat, your forehead, and the top of your head.

~ Urinate on your cord with seven knots and place it inside the glass jar possessing the 7 balloon break residuals and fill the glass jar and ingredients with gasoline and seal it.

~ Head to the cemetery and dig a hole deep enough in where your jar can fit more than comfortable. Open up your jar and take out your cord with seven knots. With a knife or scissors cut through in between the seven knots which will leave you with seven knots separated from unison. Undo the knots, place the seven cloths inside the jar filled with gasoline and other ingredients and set it on fire. When the flames have been consumed, cover the jar with its residuals and hole with the graveyard dirt resting to the sides from the hole that was dug.

Day 8th November 8th

~ Program a sweet Herbal bath or steam room session. Clear your home and smudge your home with sweet herbs, powders, and oils. Prepare a prosperity & Abundance honey jar for yourself and your home. Begin to work some candles around a plant's seed of your choosing.

~ Envision all the desired results you wish to experience. And plant your seed in a vase while making the commitment to grow this being with love and harmony in the same way your spirits, gods, and universe assist you in your own personal and spiritual growth.

Make your workings be fruitful 
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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