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One puzzle for human perception of the Omega Point is the Event Horizon of the Singularity. It can be understood like a black hole, from which nothing can escape...

But this dark bubble of Uncertainty is not bad; it is just an egg for the Unknown waiting to be born. In his excellent book The Spectrum of Consciousness, Ken Wilbur clarifies this for us. All you need to do is insert the Singularity into Wilbur's "thing disk" and you're good to go for safe Omega viewing:


To begin with, imagine one "thing", a "disk", a black circle on a white page, marked off from the page itself by one distinction, namely, the disk's boundary.

                Duality is "division into two", and that appears to be what our distinction or boundary has done- divide the paper into two parts: the figure of the disk vs the background of the page. Thus, I most probably imagine that I can see very clearly the "thing" which is called a "disk". This, however, is pure illusion, a mental sleight-of-hand, for never at any time am I actually aware of a seperate "disk-thing"- what I see in fact is the entire visual field or gestalt of figure-plus-background, disk-plus-page. My eye doesn't see a disk, it sees a disk-page!

                In other words, the two "things", the disk and the page, are not so seperate after all. They are "different", but not seperate. They are, that is, mutually correlative and interdependent- they are not two, non-dual. The boundary of the disk is certainly there, but it does not actually divide the disk from the page. The two are really united by virtue of their common boundary. Inescapably, the perception of the "seperate disk" is not an act of discovery, but an act of creation. Out of what is in itself an indistinguishable, swarming continuum, devoid of distinction or emphasis, our senses make for us, by attending to this motion and ignoring that, a world full of contrasts, or sharp accents, of abrupt changes, of picturesque light and shade. Thus, through the power of narrowed and selective attention, which is nothing more than the thought process, we focus and seize upon the disk, mentally seperate it from its background, completely ignore the unity of the gestalt, and then imagine that this state of affairs existed all along!

                In so doing, we have introduced a dualism which represses the non-duality of the field or gestalt and projects it as the disk vs the page. Yet this vision of seperateness, of duality, is a pure illusion, for just try to imagine seeing the disk by itself, without any sort of background at all! Conversely, try to imagine a background without any figure with which to contrast it! Inescapably, the one cannot exist without the other- they are united in nature, and seperated in thought only.


And so my friends, when thinking about the Omega Point Singularity, keep your expectations of the actual Unknown Event inside the black bubble of Uncertainty and watch as all that is Known spirals around its vortex over the course of the coming year. See if you can lose sight of the illusory divide between the background of all possibilities and the foreground of any one actuality. Got it? Great. Now try to keep it up until December of 2012!

Finally, consider how Albert Einstein defined freedom in the pursuit of truth: The liberty of choice is of a special kind; it is not in any way similar to the liberty of a writer of fiction- rather, it is similar to that of a man engaged in solving a well designed word puzzle. He may, it is true, propose any word as the solution; but, there is only one word which really solves the puzzle in all its forms.

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Comment by Steve Prellwitz on September 17, 2011 at 1:29pm
Nice! Acxtually Sky, it IS relevant to this post, because the white hole of Alpha explodes out of the black hole that will be Omega and the heat in this case that triggers the destruction/creation is generated by the information coming down from the All-seeing Eye of AI, which becomes novelty by melting reality....the Apocalypse shall be steam-cooked and served fresh!
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on September 17, 2011 at 11:55am
Never heard of Lemaitre as far as I can recall...what's his story?
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on September 16, 2011 at 9:04pm

The Singularity actually looks like this:

When seen from above, you perceive the black hole. Spewing out underneath is the White creation.

Comment by Steve Prellwitz on September 16, 2011 at 11:25am
Also, the nature of Omega makes for a holodeck free-for-all that skeptics will find very, very troubling and downright terrifying, because all symbol systems are equally true at the Event Horizon. This takes all the previously deadly bullets out of the skeptic's gun and replaces them with cartoon flowers that explode mockingly from the barrel. One of the snobby rhetorical devices skeptics love to use against religion is equating God with "The Flying Spaghetti Monster", trying to make the cute point that all "imaginary" entities are equally absurd. Well those skeptics along with all other court apologists for the Known must now confront the mind-freezing fact that I can use my holodeck arch to conjure the Flying Spaghetti Monster and command it to fly me Beyond the Singular Horizon, past the point where all assumptions fail. Everyone gets everything they want if they just pop the qwiff their own way, using the holocontrols to shape the process. The only people left out of the creation party will be those who failed to find the arch and conjure their own monsters.
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on September 16, 2011 at 11:08am
Craig, I agree with your existential parameters- the Choice you make at Omega will be a mathematically precise "reflection product" of your conceptual assumptions running through the symbolic system you have in place to process the novelty of the Singularity. So the system of perception can be equated to the spiral swirl of all that is Known disappearing at the Event Horizon. Once the Omega line is crossed, all that is Known no longer is required. In that sense the particulars of your symbol system are irrelevant; all that matters is effectiveness. It is like how the Buddha himself described Buddhism- as a raft you need to cross to the new shore, to be discarded once you reach the beach because no matter how good your raft is, you don't need it on the Unknown land beyond the Event Horizon
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on September 16, 2011 at 11:02am
Sky, its the old quantum physics notion of black hole/white hole...every reality-destroying black hole has, at its core, a Singularity that is simultaneously a reality-creating white hole when seen from the other side of the Event Horizon. Some say that the "Big Bang" functioned as a white hole spewing out the stuff of our universe, the result of a previous universe dying in a "Big Crunch" by falling into a black hole. So the Singularity, being a non-dualistic pleroma, consolidates all the infinite novelty of Omega into a new Alpha which we create as we ride out the collapse of the wave function and pop the qwiff. So if you look at the black disk on white background you are seeing the end of human reality; when it flips to white on black, you are imagining the new beginning.
Comment by Craig Hawthorne on September 16, 2011 at 9:23am

Hi Steve

After writing this I think it might be a question!!

If a singularity is an inevetable cause with all of everything spiraling towards nothing of  something why a definition, in this case in the form of a date, Would not a singularity already “be the show”(a constant which through perception is reflected)  and approach and retreat from the event is just a matter of individual/creator/holo-deck controllers perception as it already “is in as much as it already isn’t” To achieve anything one must build a “system”, any form of time is a system (even typed script is a system of comprehension, a concept, as is achieve lol) is a singualrity a representation of all choice systems and a chance to consent to a greater understanding as a living “consiousness controlling group.”  Paradox is….your choice is important to what you will percieve (define your system/control your holo-deck).


Or I just fell over my tongue! Time for a musical video.

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