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This blog is for all those who seek the truth about life. At this place comparative studying of all ethical religions, philosophies, and sciences is encouraged among other methods in this regard. This blog is for those who support the Golden Rule: Seek to the best of your ability to do that good unto others, that, you wish they to the best of their ability do unto you. - With other words: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. - The blog seek to follow the focus on the Concept of Freedom of Thought given in the Theosophical Society by its co-founders, where H. P. Blavatsky was one of them. 

The Concept of Freedom of Thought was written similar to this:

No member of this particular Blog, or of any Branch thereof, shall promulgate or maintain any doctrines being that advanced, or advocated by the persons behind the blog. - That is to say: each member of the blog forward his or her views on behalf of himself or herself, and not on behalf of any organisation and therefore not on behalf of the Theosophical Society or any other organization, religion, or new age religion.

In this manner I invite all who are interested to join this blog and post their own comments, views, opinions, etc., etc. seeking the Truth about life and seeking Wisdom.

Comparative Studying can be for all kinds of religions, philosophies and sciences. For instance all kinds of Theosophy, Alchemy, Rosicrucians, Sufis, Alice A. Bailey, Guy Ballard or another ethical religious or new religious movement, or one or more of the world religions and more. 

Let the Search for Truth and Wisdom begin!

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery at Shigatse - Tibet, year 1904.

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Comment by Jeremy Condick on June 9, 2018 at 3:11pm

Hi Morten, yes the first Master is the soul or causal body and the second would be the Master that is assigned to the individual disciple for instruction and guidance. This Master would be master of an ashram on the inner planes but does have physical plane presence also. What do you think? Best, JPC.

Comment by M. Sufilight on June 2, 2018 at 12:47am

To Jeremy:

Sorry about the late reply.

Since you have written about a number of aspects in your latest replies, I will take my replies in steps.

Jeremy (i reply no. 1 of 3):

"The first Master is the soul and the second is our teacher and guide, and with these lay our safety and our strength."

Morten Nymann:

I am not sure about that I understand the teaching from Blavatsky and Tsongkhapa in the same manner.

What is the "soul" defined as by you?

And the teacher and guide is this an external one or an internal one, and on what sense?


Morten Nymann

Comment by Jeremy Condick on May 20, 2018 at 3:26pm

"One such centre is to be found at the North Pole, and two more are located within the planetary sphere, and frequently the inflow of force or energy to these internal centres (via the polar center) results in those disasters we call earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

There is, as we know, a cyclic shifting of polar inclination, due to the gradually increasing responsiveness of the planetary Logos to His heavenly Prototype, whereby influences from the Great Bear draw, or occultly, "attract," the attention of the Logos, and bring Him more into line with a greater impulsive Will. This shifting causes disruption in His lower manifestation, which is a condition on the cosmic Path of Initiation analogous to that undergone by a disciple." 1056 TCF. AAB.

We are at this time reminded that the volcanic action and earthquake activity found on the planet earth is largely due to the magnetic effect influenced upon us from the Great Bear and that the potent spiritual activity and Initiatory progression found in our spiritual system conditions us also via the star Sirius. JPC.

Comment by Jeremy Condick on May 20, 2018 at 3:14pm

From another forum:
Hesiod wrote of the Greek understandings on the Golden and Silver ages as well as the Bronze. These are tales of mythological ages and races said by some commentators to be Lemurian and Atlantean Golden and Silver races respectively. The Greeks inherited this mythology and fables/stories of the gods or the Immortals. Jupiter was said to create the bronze and Iron ages or races. Hesiod states that we belong to the Iron age/race.

There are numerous accounts of the silver race and these were said to have sinned against the gods and were said to be immature and foolish and accounted to be childish for a hundred years prior to a brief adulthood before dying. Their sins were and turning away from the gods. They were selfish and prideful and as described, immature and foolish with short lives. Other texts make no mention of long childhood years but just speak of long immaturity, impiousness to the gods and foolishness making for short adult lives.

The Greek legends of the gods were certainly mythological accounts from ancient times of old Atlantis. Cronus (Kronos, Chronos, Saturn) was also a Titan, pre the Olympians, or god representing the passing of time and taught civility over rude lives. He ruled over cosmos and was one of the gods turned away from by the silver race. Ther is, therefore, no direct correlation between the Neanderthal and the second or silver race or age. Some authors think that the Neanderthal is of Celtic origin.

It is also stated that "Neanderthals lived in Europe and the Middle East during the Middle to Late Pleistocene, about 130,000 to about 30,000 years ago." Their life expectancy was similar to modern humans in many cases. Job speaks of mortal years as being of few days like fleeting shadows and not enduring with the number of months being decreed with limits set. Jacob stated that his years were difficult and few 130y and equates to the Iron age of difficulties and trouble that Job and Jacob and Hesiod spoke of. This equates to not to the Genesis years of Jacobs "forefathers" and the extreme length of years lived as described in the mythology of Lemuria and early Atlantis, for some, note that.  JPC.

Job 14 New International Version (NIV)
14 “Mortals, born of woman,
    are of few days and full of trouble.
They spring up like flowers and wither away;
    like fleeting shadows, they do not endure...
A person’s days are determined;
    you have decreed the number of his months
    and have set limits he cannot exceed.
Genesis 47:9 New International Version (NIV)
And Jacob said to Pharaoh, “The years of my pilgrimage are a hundred and thirty. My years have been few and difficult, and they do not equal the years of the pilgrimage of my fathers.”

Primitive Man By Louis Figuier.

C. Carter Blake, De Pruner-Bey and T. Bendyshe
The Anthropological Review
Vol. 2, No. 5 ( 1864), pp. 145-147

The Silver Race:
"They were immature and needed a hundred years to grow up. But when they finally grew up, they lived short lives because of their foolishness."


"The silver race, by contrast, were immature; they manifested , selfish indulgence, to each other, and impious neglect of the gods."

Myth: Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures, Volume 40
By Geoffrey Stephen Kirk.

Comment by Jeremy Condick on May 20, 2018 at 2:19pm

We are all able to see areas of glamour as we look back at our earlier years. Sometimes it is an area that needs to be learned and worked through, sometimes it is not always the area that others think we have and sometimes we may pass temporarily through a darker time that later becomes flooded with light. Always as esotericists, we work with the knowledge that our brothers are around, if not always seen. The first Master is the soul and the second is our teacher and guide, and with these lay our safety and our strength.

The channel of distribution throughout humanity is key and so important. Such potent and well-aligned meditation has a trade-off of nervous strain and possible over stimulation. However, we are always aware of this and handle it with good caution. All meditations add to the quota of group work and in this we share.

A problem is certainly 'excess profiteering.' As you mention whether private or public financed there needs to be a vigilant health body that watches for problems and ensures efficient and effective health care and accountability. We are still in a situation where for-profit usually means excessive profit and drugs are pushed by salespeople. DK emphasised preventative measure and care along with good sanitation and palliative care, and the sound counselling of good physicians. Most drugs do more harm than good and misuse of antibiotics are outpacing their 'temporary' effectiveness.

All lower reactions have largely fallen below the threshold of consciousness and are unrecognised or fail to register to the Initiate in the same dramatic form that they register to the personality. Instead of sorrow, form and desire in their multiple ramifications, the life of the higher worlds is lived. There is a correspondence here for the careful student as death in this context also relates closely to darkness. For “the centre of pure darkness - a darkness which is the very antithesis of darkness” as the Tibetan explains.

Yes, the developing synthesis which reveals group integration on the inner planes, the revelation of the light of the triad which as perceived in group form demonstrates as a “unit of light”. Synthesis relates to the Will aspect and of triadal light and is summed in a few words of the Tibetan as “synthesis of the lesser lights by the greater”. This can correspond to the multiple group lights that are synthesised at Initiation by the One Initiator. Hence the avatar of Synthesis overshadowed and stimulated the receptive group as for instance at WW2.

This is an excellent response to this important question on the balance and healing of the planet. There is certain evidence that indicates to us there may be a problem in how we use and distribute the earth's resources for selfish ends. The deleterious effect that is incurred will have to be addressed and is the result of humanities current imbalance in healthy living and environmental conditions. JPC.


Comment by M. Sufilight on May 15, 2018 at 11:25am

To Jeremy:
Interesting post there Jeremy. I think that there are many scientific theories, and that the far majority of the scientists (about 90%) these days consider Dark Matter og Dark Energy to be non-physical. And then we can forward our own theories as well here on this forum or this blog. But the real evidence on what the truth actually is seems to be hidden in the concept of experiential science with regard to such matters. And this science I have called The Science on Wisdom in below comments by me. 

So what one person experiences to be the truth about Dark Matter, Dark Energy and gravitation etc., etc. is one thing. And another experience it in another manner, and a third person in a third manner, etc., etc. Sometimes the experiences do overlap and various groups are formed promoting their views. But it is not necessarily the majority who has reached the core truth of the matter. Reaching a higher level of knowledge or a level closer to the core truth of the matter seems to take time. - What is matter actually? Is it really divine energy or divinity in a certain vibration? And what is dinity actually? Something we can experience? Or something more deep than words can picture?

Which methods do we actally use so to establish wisdom in our consciousness?

This seems to be a central question to forward?

from the heart

Morten Nymann (M. Sufilight)

Comment by Jeremy Condick on May 12, 2018 at 3:56pm
Thu 01/03/2018, 23:21
I have just discovered an 1883 occult prediction on gravitationally dense and unseen and therefore 'dark' matter, by HPB. I have included a couple of previous letters on the subject discussing some of the varied options and considerations on this topic of dark matter/etheric attraction/gravitation.

We might also consider the scientific proposition of 'dark energy' as that repulsive force expanding the universe and acceleration the stellar/galactic bodies apart. This being an aspect of the occult law of attraction and repulsion.

We see that there indeed is a halo or envelope of dark matter surrounding 'space' and which may well clump, to use a standard contemporary scientific term, around stellar and planetary bodies, notwithstanding any already accounted for black hole attraction and repulsion in any galaxy or solar system as discussed by modern science and HPB and as previously discussed by myself. And so, our Radio telescopes prove to be the foreseen 'etheroscopes' as per HPB. JPC.

"As an absolute vacuum is an impossibility below, so is it a like impossibility—above. But our molecules, the infinitesimals of the vacuum “below,” are replaced by the giant-atom of the Infinitude “above.” When demonstrated, the four-dimensional conception of space may lead to the invention of new instruments to explore the extremely dense matter that surrounds us as a ball of pitch might surround, say—a fly, but which, in our extreme ignorance of all its properties save those we find it exercising on our earth, we yet call the clear, the serene, and the transparent atmosphere. This is no psychology, but simply occult physics, which can never confound “substance” with “centres of Force,” to use the terminology of a Western Science which is ignorant of Maya. In less than a century, besides telescopes, microscopes, micrographs and telephones, the Royal Society will have to offer a premium for such an etheroscope." Collected Writings VOLUME VSept., Oct., Nov., 1883. HPB.

DK tells us that we are one of the solar systems that make up a minor 1/7 part of the seven solar systems of energy expression of the OAWNMBS. It is hypothesised that dark matter is scientifically accounting for the missing mass that drives and influences the visible systems of galaxies and stars and is here accounted for in yet numberless undiscovered galaxies slowly revealing themselves to astronomical science and perhaps more importantly to the vast numbers out of incarnation as "there may lie back of everything visible a vast realm or realms of Existences"  who are "cosmic entities, in rank equal to the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, Who are in a similar sense discarnate, and found in realms subtler than that of the manifestation of light."

We should note the Tibetans words "
there may lie back of everything visible" because it has importance in regard to black hole theory that scientifically aims to discover that with lies beyond the visible world of space-time. DK discusses great existences residing beyond the "manifestation of light"... "Light, physical plane light, has a close connection with, and uses, as a medium, the second ether." Therefore DK is speaking of the second ether through or via which light manifest into the visible universe, and of the sub plane via which it moves beyond and so disappears into subtle realms via for instance a black hole or laya centre. 

This subtler realm I have discussed elsewhere in papers on black holes, Laya centres and gravitation. In subtler realms from super gaseous fourth ether to the monadic realms of these great cosmic existences, these entities exert influence, attraction and therefore certain gravitational force upon the objective universe. Certainly, planets yet in the etheric stage of expression and without a dense physical vehicle can and do exert influence and gravitational pull [as well as conscious influence] on the visible system even if they are as yet unrecognised. This also accounts for 'missing mass' or in truth as unaccounted for attraction due to the logos informing the etheric planet.
JPC. 21/7/2014.

"Dark matter is thought to be an as-yet undetected matter that provides galaxies with enough mass to prevent the speed of their rotation from pulling them apart. If present, the unseen cloud of matter would be extremely unlikely to result in the planar structures seen."
Read more at:
Satellite dwarf galaxies at the edges of the Milky Way and neighboring Andromeda defy the accepted model of galaxy formation, and recent attempts to pigeon-hole them into the model are flawed, an international team of scientists ...

Science tries to account for why rotating galaxies do not pull themselves apart. This is a key question for science and their formulation of the theory of dark matteradds the theoretical missing mass that gravitationally holds them and other stars together. The outer orbiting galaxies rotate at the same rate as the inner ones and this defies the laws of physics as understood by man. They should rotate slower but do not. They are of course held in formation by the united attractive and repulsive energy of the logi and as HPB said in complete 'balance'. JPC. 26/7/2014.

Threshold of Light:
In considering Light, let us consider Dark Matter/Energy: We are aware that spirit is matter and matter is spirit in its densest form. Correspondingly we note that the light of matter, the material atom, is esoterically understood to be "dark light", the inherent light of the material sheath. On a higher level, to those who recognise not the blazing light of Shamballa, this spiritual light is occultly referred to as "the dark light of Shamballa".

Therefore we have to opposite references to "dark light" or energy, provided for by occultism. Science calls dark matter the "vacuum energy" as its energy radiation is equivalent to that of an empty vacuum. This, as we might think, is very low to nothing, remembering that it does, however, produce effects of gravitational pull on denser materialisations of matter i.e. effecting structure formation of galaxies, stars and planets not to mention the manifested universe.

Science does an excellent job of describing dark matter in that it does "serve mainly as expressions of our ignorance, much as the marking of early maps with terra incognita". Therefore it recognises that it appears dark to its current un-fathom ability of science to "see" or understand the gradations of subtle light energy which lies behind matter, which it at present does see. "Nature abhors a vacuum", this occultism fully recognises and it is explained as the medium or mode of transmission of one state of energy/light, spirit/matter from one state and plane to another thus resulting in some transmutation of some description or other.

It is also the composite, if I may use such an opposite term of description, which seals or separates one state of being from another, occultly speaking. The vacuum of space is that which is the transmission funnel for the formation of the visible spheres, clusters and gasses which make up the matter science does account for, is the occultly created "funnel" by which the great designer produces its karmic vehicles of expression. Subsidiary Gravitational pull is the lower law which emanates from the greater law of attraction and repulsion which ultimately originates from the "cosmic magnet" the inner central spiritual Sun.

Science recognises that dark matter operates under this law of gravitation and therefore influences the denser bodies around it; the scientific problem is that it has recognised a cosmic gravitational influence coming from something other, which has no great mass as we understand it. In an analogous and corresponding effect, it has recognised the magnetic attraction of a far more subtle influence than it had ever previously known. The "dark light of Shamballa", the hidden subtle brilliance operates under the cosmic law of attraction, the great law which draws all eventually to its being. This is the law of the cosmic magnetic and central spiritual Sun.

Dark matter or "dark energy" is the scientific recognition of a higher magnetic repulsion and attraction, behind the accounted for matter or physical universe which produces the separation and coherence of the atoms of the universe. JPC. 02/09/2007.
Comment by M. Sufilight on May 7, 2018 at 11:25am

To Jeremy and all readers

My views are

Yes. In this sense I agree. 

Now I got writing...Interesting is it that our present day ordinary scientists by an overwhelming majority agree upon that most of the universe (95% or so) is non-physical. They talk about dark matter and dark energy. What the non-physical part really is has not been concluded yet. ( ) And they also agree upon the idea called Zero Point energy, with the Casimir effect apparently being accepted within such a place as NASA in USA. They claim to measure energy in a vacuum. And talk seriously about movement faster than the speed of light. And they talk aboutEinstein's "Action-at-distance" (also the EPR Paradox) and about Schwarzschild wormholes, also known as Einstein–Rosen bridges. And some scientists claim in this regard that there is a limited amount of energy in a such a vacuum, while others are open for the view of an unknown or unlimited amount. But who is right has not been concluded yet. - And when such well known or should we say prominent present day scientists like Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff agree upon such theories while they also support the existence of mystical experiences (See Shadows of the mind by R. Penrose) and the story of Plato and the cave - then I think we already can talk about a post-materialistic paradigm shift within science. And a rather big one.

--- The funny thing to me is that most journalists (sometimes claimed to be the voice of truth) and opinion-makers nearly all the time talk from a materialistic world view or point of view --- and thus they are in clear conflict with the present day stance among many of the so-called ordinary scientists, if not in conflict with the majority of scientists. - But these are merely my views.

On top of that we have the Near-Death Experience phenomenon, which are being more and more recognized. This however very slowly - despite the scientific facts clearly points towards a very deep meaning with life and that we humans live when we die, and, that the mind can exist independent from the physical brain, although it does do that normally when we live here in this physical world.

Guardian Angel - NDE - Ricci Enreques

Here is a link to a few hundreds of examples on Near-Death Experiences and with documentation on special things happening...


Here is one of the largest Internet Portals on Near-Death Experiences.

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife


from all of my heart 
Morten Nymann (M. Sufilight)

Comment by Jeremy Condick on May 6, 2018 at 4:37pm

We should keep in mind that a black hole only apears black to our physical eyes. To our etheric or astral eyes it will apear to be full of light. JPC. 

Comment by M. Sufilight on May 6, 2018 at 4:15am

To Jeremy

My views are: Well okay. There are black holes and holes of light, and it is of course after all what is inside them which can be said to be important. In this sense I can easily agree on the analogical view.

Yes, many accounts describe a dark tunnel with a bright light at the end. Many.

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