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In things that are utterly basic and universal. May one hold absolute integrity of will, alongside adaptiveness?
There is a fissure at the point that I call me. It rids all thought of absolute freedom, by care for the means to act freely, body\social mind or world soul, each even considered alone.
The greater foundation of slavery, is slavery to ones own will. How do we do what we must do? By a restricted view prey upon the restricted views. But as I work more highly may focus develop the peripheral sight. Beyond isolated focus, built upon ritual of communication.
Being- carry water or pans
acting- communicating the movement toward the blind corner
seeing- closes by emotional energy\thought stream 1>2<1>1 two steps forward, find the moment once more 1>2<1>1 find the moment having seen and thought. A word\act\thought the moment at a pace.
No Compromise
What matters to me most basically.
When my gut arises, am I freer, than relative to the free society? Am I more me, than the community sewer. What is there beyond the control of sterility and death, but acceptance of constructs allowing or draining energy, by what? The gut the community or the forest fire, which am I to call myself, in the way I direct only myself?
In the things that are utterly basic and universal. May one do anything but maintain integrity, alongside adaptiveness?
Illusion and reality: I don't really need to hold onto mygut cells or our community.
Hypocrisy: Only the good acts really matter, to the integrity of our being.
Remorse: For pangs and for comforts, in the end they were neither proper whips nor carrots!

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Comment by Maadam Ezmeralda Scorpus on May 2, 2019 at 1:18pm

Very good

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