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Do you sometimes sense the eternal layer?

When I grief in remembrance of loved beings that had died, or simply those, who were connected to me in one form or another, I find myself feeling eternity, calmly keeping everything afloat. I sense that we are all just a blooming of it, tendrils reaching into function in the fireworks of life, full of bright sparks and dark clouds. In life we know pain, anger, love and pleasure, sadness, relief, all these sensations and emotions that remind us of our existence individually. But through it all we pass collectively as an eternal being or non-being. I wonder and believe, eternity knows no hate nor love, no quality as we perceive it, but only function. And in our greatest happiness and worst sadness we can find a calming balance when we reach out and try to sense the endlessness that only works through us.

However it manifests, we meet it with sensations that teach us more about life. Whether it is a human or a cat, even a seed or a mountain.

When I came to read the Bhagavad-Gita, I first was so torn, when I read about the suggestion to be ambivalent, without emotion toward anything, be it achievement or failure. At least that's what it seems to have said. But a while later I started to understand what was meant by it. Prevent yourself from becoming addicted to something of no consequence and focus on what has consequence instead. It does not call for us to become psychopaths or sociopaths, but to seek balance with the purpose of functioning at our best. That we become conscious of what is joy and sadness itself against the reasons for it, which are our actions. Eternity did not manifest in us to feel. But with our feelings we control what we manifest ourselves in form of our achievements. So we should not confuse the ink for the word it spells, or the blueprint for the house.

Anyway, I just thought about all this and figured, this is the place to share it.

Love&Light to us all

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Comment by Taron on March 6, 2014 at 6:43am

Thank you, Didi, that's a very nice account, riding on the light. At the end, though, each of us sees only what reflects the light and we are drawn to what appears most relevant to us or what we can identify.

To see Divine Love in it is of great beauty and if it wasn't there, you couldn't see it.

I'm driven to seek application, a certain pragmatism, in the folding of the universe into our existence. Everywhere I look I find purpose of a becoming nature, like nothing functions without reason. I see the nature of "God" in the source, but the character and personality of it in everything as it is now, especially us. That there can only be an incomplete being before Now, while intentions formulated earlier reflect in what is Now. So when you speak of a desire in entities before or above us, I see us being another stepping stone on its manifestation, further refining such desire. We're not the desired result, so to say.

As such, love for us is a guiding factor, not reward or justification, but direction and strength. To feel is a necessity to sift through the ever increasing complexity the universe folds into. We somehow marry reason and emotion as first entity who has to rely on these parameters to make proper decisions. Yet, still we cannot see to what end. Maybe in what comes after us in the great becoming can operate with the knowledge of greater of even ultimate purpose? But for us, not knowing about it doesn't impede our ability to serve the ultimate purpose with what we do know. I'm just quite certain that it does not "end" with us. Meaning; it is not what we experience that the Divine is hoping to achieve, such as feeling life, but we carry the weight of our stage in the great "universal" becoming based on Divine "desires".

When we ask for guidance and turn toward God or the Gods, we are wise to do so, because the root of our intentions lies with them. The complicated world around us can confuse what we believe to receive through our will.  In essence, turning to the Divine really means turning toward our true will. Love perceived can be the most relevant confirmation of our choices, but never use love to externalize your purpose, never let it relay your decisions to somebody or something else. Each of us have our own will for a reason, and love truly reflects that we have aligned ourselves properly and must be felt toward yourself as strong as to everything in and around your life. A God would not seek this sensation as an achievement, but rewards the achievement with this sensation, so to say.

My goodness, I always write too much, don't I? Hehe, forgive me, but you know that I merely ponder over all this just like yourself. That is why we here. Even if some of us, like myself, write with such confidence, as though we knew, it is but an illustration of our present state of consciousness in all the best of cases. It doesn't mean we presume it is so, or would argue for any decent reason that it had to be so. Just as you inspire me with every word, I hope to inspire in return. That really is all. Only together we can make sense of what the clearest clarity could reveal to us.

Again, thank you, Didi, it means a great deal to me that you've commented, makes me glad and happy. Love I'm thankfully sharing.

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