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I feel inspired to write this, so I will. I have touched upon this concept before, but I will express my thoughts again because writing my thoughts on this subject is good.
In this current eon of existence it seems to me that we herded into fenced-in areas to graze.
I am generalizing but ask yourself if you come to the same conclusion when I am finished.
Socially and professionally you have a title, a label. Something given to you that you accepted, or a label that you "feel" you identify with.
Even more so professionally, I (gonna start using "I" instead of "we") strive for the next position in the ladder of professional existence. I know that I have been tempted into becoming something I am not. 
I got the promotion and suddenly I have new expectations placed upon me.
Which this cool to strive higher goals, but I took that as if I had to change my character to operate at this new "level".

Then I realized I was being a dick, and that the character that got me this far didn't have anything to do with the label.
I didn't need to change, just to continue what I do.

I feel that nowadays people are so consumed with labels, that they cannot see themselves for what they truly are.
If you accept the label, and then you argue against others with a different label constantly, what do you think that does to your mind?
The label has become so embedded into your psyche that you have no choice but to do so.

You enact the role of the label. All the while "knowing" you are doing the "right" thing (according to your label).

Welcome to your grazing stall. We'll give you a salt block every now again so you can feel better about yourself (label).
You buy free range right?

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