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Which direction? Which way do I go? 
It appears to me that separation is vital, and natural. The context of which it unfolds is more important.

Separation has become ingrained into our current society. 
Now considering this, the concept of "environment" becomes invaluable.
And this can be separation in itself. But only if it is made conscious.

Separation sold, bought, and accepted without question is a jail. A prison constructed of programmed fear.
If you can't tell yourself from the environment, then there is fear.

Separation that is brought into full consciousness is freedom. But, also consider that separation in stagnation produces decay. Both sides move and transform.

Freedom evokes responsibility. This how stagnation is curtailed. What is gained should be given, so the next separation cycle appears.

What else are you gonna do? Sit still, decay, and die?
You're gonna die regardless, might as well accept the process of separation, birth, and return.
Nature produces the cycle effortlessly. 
Consider this as practice for that inevitable experience of when the last beam of light gives away to the darkness of separation, from this life.

The Individual Is Paramount,

As Within So Without

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Comment by Lea Nour on October 28, 2018 at 3:41pm
Yes you make me think more on concept of separation as kind of needed transition / change. One of strong life lessons, as everyone experience separation ..

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