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Standing in the river, debris and waves hammering ones legs, wading out of the deluge, one foot in the shallow and one deep, a leg rises but does not descend (we're out of the water -the leg rises higher- what progress, won through such hard work!) you cannot move forward unless both move.

A woman approaches and lays her trap (careful, one can find eternity and sleeping beauty, never to wake again!) there is only one problem, not a problem of the nature, one of the mind, one has liberty but is bound in mind.

I may agree (I may even give a virtuoso performance, the only time an applause is disagreeable) but the focus developed, it remains negative in the global mind (30% or 60%, how do you perform shadow work?) if a woman reaches 40 and single, having had sex 1,000 times, what is the global perception of worth (to be a light worker with substance, one must equally be a shadow worker) was it one or one hundred?

Accepting an invitation, does one value what is (creating worth and purpose -by connection to joy given- but what is a man's purpose -supported by a woman's demand- in the global mind?) is this a throw away economy?

If I choose rejection (smiling through one face, poison spits out the other, save face!) the socially acceptable response 'I'm looking for better quality!' else one should be gay.

In the global mind, one is bound to devalue -fight against or for- that is the bind (it is developed in a man's mind -but- behind every strong man is a strong woman) it is upheld by a woman's expectation (six degrees makes all the difference, this is a game of inches!) how does one build synergy, instead of conflict?

If a man is expected to be ready -to assume the position- at the call of a suitable woman -for no reason other than suitability- being unable to feel satisfaction and connection -beyond the moment of gain- then both acts are devaluing.

Whether one accepts or rejects, the global focus is diminishing value, held in integrity through our mental constructs, the universe is winding down, one thought (but is math without wrong, because it shows the truth, or the truth of a pattern?).

If one wishes to end sexism, one must ask, what is the game?

For the problem is, no one wishes to end sex-ism -all work and no play- but what is a good sexist -and- how can bitch and whore move from tragedy to comedy?


For women know, the best whore is a man on his knees -a good alarm clock to boot!- multi-tasking.

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