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Human beings are natural entities, existing in a naturally sexual world (not only did some likely lay with their horses -and so forth- the animals may have been welcoming themselves, simply consider a dog in heat!) this will never and can never be extinguished, then what necessity is a hyper sexualized culture, what are the effects of this?


The obviousness of it is clear, so that the gross has been called subtle -simply by leaving it unspoken or hinted- and the subtle no longer exists -in any consistent form- in a world where the expectation is clearly focused, where discernment is rarely for more than the silent obvious -in much more than sexual suggestion alone!- to say that there is no functioning, that is a misnomer but to what degree, a winding down system is a system in decay.


The mind set does not reveal universal working -simply in itself- but the perception of universal working (if you have a sexual animal -this is what it will be- it needs no focus upon the base -in itself- that is only dominance of instinct over mind) one may have life in this state, even a very fun life -indeed or so I assume!- and how much evil is ingrained into this life, for every good man whore that exists, how many untalented man whores do, what happens when global expectations are hyper focused, without even demanding the skill to earn, one only need make a payment!


If you combine hyper focus, along with lack of respect or skill, that makes poor man whores, who see what clearly should be (something must be broken with the other, few like to perceive themselves, so it seems) does the current environment emphasize dysfunction?


One might look to the aspect of respect, respect may come through the game played (the purpose of a game -beyond content amusement- that is to win and prove the superior, or for the sake of challenge itself) let’s propose a game then, in this game every focus is upon points, a point of value for every orgasm given.


For those who play to win -the only necessity is to win- for those who play to test themselves -the necessity is to be challenged- the only requirement is the ground and the score, for those who play for mere content amusement -content is at the least a dual word- they never move beyond the base, in any event put forth, but many follow the leader or demand, woe for the disappearance of woman, we lost them and now we cannot find them!


The point is not some far away place, one plays the game and the mind does not change: “I heard Timmy only gave Amanda two orgasms ‘like OMG Amanda must be so disappointed! “I know right?; “hey Amanda, why don’t you go with a real man?; ‘Timmy it doesn’t have to be this way, you just need to work on your confidence -the rest is just technique- I can help!; “that Timmy really needs to get some help, I’m not going to, I’m just saying he really needs help; “Hey Timmy!” ya?’ you suck!”; Timmy it’s not you, it’s me; “last night I was so drunk and I met this girl, gave her like 15 orgasms and it was so great!” I heard you couldn’t even give Amanda 3 orgasms man.’; the point is not in seeking to change people, for you don’t control individual response, the point is to change the game.


In the modern game, one finds a woman (they devalue her -whether beautiful or ugly- either rejecting and devaluing due to lack of attraction -if the woman is beautiful what is common?- one may also devalue by seeking sex) if the point is the gross form -without any kind of subtle extension- then one must devalue because of morality (even with women comfortable about other opinions, the global view is singular -if a woman had 5 lovers or 500- what is the general channel of the focus?) so that the common ground is devaluing, unless one moves beyond this by personal effort, the basic ground is a poor ground, it provides for no growth of value.


To make such a switch is difficult, it means the entire environment, from the words and actions of leaders (within every tier of the society, this is not speaking of classical leaders) to the focus of media -as advertising/tv/jokes/music/etc.- but the core remains, to utilize basic drives like competition, so that one is not moral, they are fulfilling instincts in harmonious ways.


The one who only seeks sex, they care further only by personal election (to sow seeds is a metaphor -from one point of view- it means to take an extra step -the first step is to find and eat the fruit- but people are self-sufficient and create their own manure!) the mind has a picture (few can imagine digging their latrines, but there has always been a drive to cleanliness -do cats not preen themselves?- look plants are growing!) that picture extends to the frontiers -the points of integrity determine- trees have a deeper integrity than moss, developed streams of complexity, they extend further in their existence.


What the society needs is not better whores -nor tame whores who are very moral- for whoring is a skill well develop by animals -which we are apparently apart from- what the society needs is to move beyond the whore, to the courtesan for this implies courting, which is an act that does not require much skill today, beyond liking someone and talking (or liking someone, getting angry they don’t and raping them -that’s life!- far too common an answer) it is also the rooting of feminine power.


A man who seeks the pleasure of their lover, this is worship of the feminine (it creates inherent respect for the feminine, since the most joy stems from understanding -of particular minutiae in each individual- that demands relationship longer than that of contact) the very competition creates the drive towards this, for the bar is always increasing, is it towards more devalued and used up whores, or is it towards the better understanding, that of sexual preferences not created by morality -taming the dragon- one then guides the instinct without control.


It empowers the woman (who always has some responsibility -but this is limited in relative physicality- one may have election over various aspects -clothing/work/living location/self-defense- many are limited and strength is often relative) if courting is the basis, a woman has social power to deny a man (if they should prove incapable -the social matrix grounds right- they have not gained the right -for failing the duty- often even in their own mind) communication has gained power beyond pure action, this is not in a moral sense, upheld only to the degree of civil rule, it is maintained in the sense of tradition -if rooted- even annihilation of the culture subverts, the conqueror may see the value.


One does not create powerful tradition on mere words, they create it upon the collective good, this is what makes such ideas sustain, through the worst of despotism and depravity -even a king sees the worth in liberty- each desires it for themselves, thus maintaining it as they destroy it for others (the very parity creates the discontent -death of the image within its foundations- the core of the power is dying -from the beginning- this is the decadence of the societal matrix.).


The creation of the divine feminine, this means the respect of true beauty, which lay within depth of diverse aspects (simply consider the allure of a bikini -only bared skin and overabundant makeup- against a sheer white shirt over contrasting bikini colors -a wrap on skirt acting as blanket and allure- what foreplay is there when everything is revealed?) the mere presence of vast time in make-up, this shows the lack of diversity in sexuality (should a man look at a face, when it is so covered it cannot be imagined -not that other parts have more honesty so often!- the decadence is that beauty is no longer skin deep!) emphasized by the view of size, before the view of physique -for health is the core of beauty- size decays the whole by the very effort to achieve it, that sliver cannot maintain the image.

Artistic expression -exists or not- in the entirety of the feminine whole, with the mind shown outwardly, through designed and intelligently selected clothing (one is not beautiful because they live, one has a body/soul/mind, all in spirit which is) one's body is beautiful or it is not -neither pity nor pride change this- without health there is no base for beauty, one's soul and one's mind are beautiful or not (but all I can see is the cover, so put whatever you wish on it, that one glimmers the mind within) lacking beauty in one, it means nothing for the other but nothing is fair and given, all is earned or not and never for pity.


Now the true root must have mutual benefit, this is the difficulty of the task -it is here that I can only probe- all that exists is pushing the boundaries -of integral points created in mind- this is imagination only but consider for a moment.


What if heaven and hell were real, so many take them as a cop out (gorging on foods neither needed nor paid for -one sits and prays for forgiveness- they feel no need to fear hell if devout!) the hell of the reaction to one’s planting, this is found here and now, one eats terribly and suffers tremendous pain (they suffer the hell in the present, if it exists anywhere it exists now, in a similar fashion heaven exists) the view of hell as now takes out the hollowness, beg/plead/pray for god to forgive your sloth, your wife won’t forgive through apathy -this roots the actual worship and repentance- heaven and hell must be present or nothing.


The reason for putting this forth, is a view of the ancestors, if essence is eternal as is a core in you -then the core in your ancestors is as well- that ancestor is awareness in a distinct time, they exist presently perhaps as a record -what is the difference between dream and reality?- what roots experience is the existential, so what if the ancestor experiences anything here as a dream?


If heaven were to exist for your ancestors, it would exist because of the reality -that which grounds the experience and feeds the dream- if we don’t create heaven then, our ancestors cannot exist there fully (if my world is dull and interminable, then my ancestor might be considered in purgatory -what if the global existence is closer to hell?- we dishonor our ancestors by continuing unneeded suffering) what if time is a whole, that does not move in a straight line, each aspect is center and connects in extension (do we trap one another, when we cut ourselves off from one another -this is a question of the deepening family also- do your cells live best if you do not?) if there is eternity then all things connect with your essence.


If there is eternity, one that each awareness is the child of -and connected into- then this eternal essence binds all  -I will possibly be exchanging essence for the eternal- then what does one share with plants (the plant is far easier than the animal -just water/light/a degree of heat/slight nutrients- the plant becomes content with this -shown in its emanations- what is the basic view of humanity?) that is life and one must simply adapt -maturity- but if awareness could extend from a root, what does humanity share amongst itself?


Hatred/apathy/terror, these are the emotions that have prevailed -for centuries they have prevailed- they are the decay of emotion -that which remains steeped in itself and stagnant- but archons are only the servant reflections -at least in one sense as I have seen- they may be entered into very quickly, they may consume the entirety of the aware channel, until they block out all else in the reality, finding their root in the animal.


These are upheld in the society -music/sport/power/etc.- but the core remains through mineral/plant/animal, thus any human may continue in awareness -even in agony- thus any human may be content with their lot, any human can find spaces for laughter and simple happiness (what if the higher vibrations may only root, through intimate connection to diverse life -through respect of that awareness- the goddess is within the diverse) then the higher emotion and intellect, this roots within the human.


If this may have truth -then one must root global peace/joy/esteem- the rooting of joy, this must occur within the worship of feminine energy, which would mean that at any given time, millions of women in the world, they must be in the state of joy (when the emotion becomes the common sense, then any may enter into that channel, just as easily as hatred is rooted today) this is the reason that one must court -again true tradition has deep roots- but if the experience of joy could be rooted, can a man experience the emanations, of a lovers joy?


If such a thing is possible, then one need not concern over birth control (though the integrity must be integral, factors exist in many areas -family/education/initiation/economy/etc.- never relying in any part on the should of morality) further made true if one expends significant energy, in the act of ejaculation -which would seem to have connection with the elixir- rather one may suspect vitality exists, within the act of energizing and not expending (the act of sex as play -with any necessary handicaps- this could transform into a kind of wrestling -with a prize perhaps- the winner determining the method of orgasm) what is the end of sex but life -should it exist as content annihilation!-?


Now one may consider, the ideas of mutual interdependence in economy, the diversity of family (which today lacks the root of the past, it cannot maintain that root -without far more death- without far more babies than may be wise!) the liberty and connection of peace keepers (modern channeling may show the merit, in the idea of shared emotion) with the grounding of emotion, one deepens the root of peace as the common sense, so that it is not merely dream't/d, to do otherwise would be gross stupidity -but is love war?- only then is all fair for all is leveled and base.

But if one were to give 15 orgasms, how long would it take -a fundamentally differing perspective- I said courting.


This is the final work of this period -I now feel- I can claim to have seen and attempted to create clarity (in ideas that have been confused, whore/proper/moral/control/etc.) if I continue faltering there will be some record, that I feel is honest and at least reasonably understandable, take this as you will, thank you for your time, peace.

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Comment by Loki on August 8, 2016 at 2:50am

One note:

The first comment may be ignorant in physics -for all I know- the point is not to be correct however, it is to spin about a core truth (first delving into the fringe of modern physics -then seeking its root- moving to Pascal/Ptolemy/Tesla/Einstein/Russel/Bohm/Feynman, only then will I look at the correct of the modern) why would I seek to mimic a progress, when I feel that progress has come to a decaying spiral -worse than a dead end- the beginning cycle is always ignorant, that is not the point, I'd be happy with 3.5% accuracy in it!

The same process is within each sector (economy/politic/agriculture/architecture, which moves from building to city, no building designed without the city) I despise the modern mind, for it demands correctness -which is proper- from the very beginning -I demand the same!- it kills the originality inherent in the mind, preventing pragmatic and creative knowledge, beyond very limited bounds.

To finish here is a question stream: if a planet were instantaneously transplanted -into another star system- if it didn't move into particular areas of space, would it die in a sense?; would a planets atmosphere bleed away -without a confluence of energy streams- the mantle ceasing its motions, the crust gradually breaking apart?; what happens to an astronauts body, as the bones lose density?; could humanity move to another solar system, and find itself unable to live, on certain planets; if there was ever a marauding alien, would it sooner settle another world -in the system- the attacks coming as raids; could multiple alien species co-habit a system, utilizing the resources of the others symbiotically, without even desiring the same living conditions?; what is the shift that creates turbulence, in a flowing liquid, and how does one stop turbulence in a pipe?; what are gravity/magnetism and electricity, if they are part of a whole?

These are questions in physics, for once I am finished deepening the cycles -as far as I am able- I hope that I might have a true challenge, for your scientific reality (the first cycle is already completed, however the first cycle is always mostly ignorant, we will see how it develops) I may also be on for another blog, having found the culmination of a decade and a half search (if I can find the right words, for it is so obvious, it will be easily discarded out of hand) anywhere between millions and tens of millions, they must already have integrity, but it is universal depth that I also seek.

Comment by Loki on August 6, 2016 at 1:15am

Thank you Aksis, some support is always appreciated.


This was meant to be a part but I forgot about adding it in, so here goes.


To see light and nothingness in joy’e (everything/etc/all things of the same category, emotion in this case) joy is the light -light being the perceived- but without the nothing is it decaying -?- just the same as anger may decay, anger is similarly light, but without the nothing it is decadence, enlightenment is not merely high emotion (not any more than a city exists, without the land beneath it, fertile soil!) that is the same thought as royalty, which cannot stand its subjects -merely their fruits!-.


Neither is it partial detachment, 1% or 99% are the same (what is the sociopath -they see nothing of the other- are they not detached from significant binds?) if one is at peace in part, can it be a mere cutting out and away (may they see the suffering of a family member -for a number of years- without ever recognizing -that- they suffer by the further isolation) does one cause another’s suffering (the one would suffer -regardless of the other- but how does another bring in differing aspect -do you change another or their environment?- the peace that cuts away decays) 1% or 99% are the same, the same dysfunction, and each is half and half.


Fractal extension, this is the best half-and-half beyond the infinite, the infinite cutting away of the terrible (another half and half -as the idea may be considered- that is an old paradigm -phasing into a new one- dysfunctional by contrast in partial will) the nothing and light are both present (but in my case they are not constant -regardless of the arising field- it may create the sense of bliss -that which renders cocaine impotent and worthless in contrast- yet this vision is worthless in a pragmatic sense) when the light consumes everything, internal reactions spiral in themselves (one may be angry and becomes angrier -the reaction feeds back into itself- or one may be at peace -while passively apathetic to alternate currents- ignorance has never been bliss) energy does not decay but shifts, deepening or becoming shallow in pattern.


Anger feeds upon anger -then it continues and cuts away- the pattern only deepens when it is whole (could you build a fire -layer and motion producing spaces in between- in which points of cool intersperse -building depth by mixing- a solid block does not burn so easily) is the upper atmosphere cold or hot, would a toroidal power plant have integrated cooling, rather than cold walls (but what is plasma -in a boat one space may channel air- it can maintain an integral cooling -though the majority remains sweltering- points descending in scale) what is wind and how may it be described?


Anger comes in a social> relationship (one makes it shallow through the lie -hiding truth to ease the way- but what becomes attacked is a lie -softened by gift- both negative and positive) if one sits quiet or is active in all things, anger/injury/loss may come regardless, but the anger that strikes at a core (this may both reveal one-self -creating catharsis through honesty- deepening the self-understanding -which is awareness- on the other hand rooting out the real problem) the anger may shift about the core, if all things shift about that core, then anything may be generated from it (if anger may not be destroyed, then it is a natural aspect -even if it can be it still exists in the moment- how may it be utilized?) if you cut away a part, then you cut down the whole.


Anger through the lie only aggravates, while anger through truth may destroy the problem (is removing a band-aid painless, is tending a broken bone painless, is working out painless?) why should one expect, working emotion should only be easy and kind (perhaps one thinks that the world is fair, I think people don’t understand fair, they think it’s nice!).


The only safety that exists in this way, the only control that exists in this way, it is grossly inefficient, one is pushing against their own blocks, sapping their own power by the cutting away, decaying the whole by self-reflecting reaction -anger consuming until there is only anger.- some build walls to contain!


In an argument, may one utilize the negative to build the positive (softening anger by direction, can one shift it into creative action, without the use of a sapping lie?) dishonesty saps the energy, thus making the situation easier to endure (the focus become lost without view of the core, which the lie has now clouded, a control to ease bad energy) energy never is destroyed, but an enduring lie saps (can the focus become draining -sustaining a lie- if the only power is relative power, is this weakness or strength?) demanding weak energy, this is demanding shallowly felt life.


If the lie is weakening -then in weakness- one may say they could not have power -and what is life?- to endure that emotion in truth, from their perspective they are right (but why do some have all the energy in the world, while others do little -but remain as if they were sapped?- what is the root of laziness) should one assume they know the right answer?


As heat comes, does it ever maintain absolute consistency -or does it rather waver?- if you should control the temperature absolutely -are you losing energy by cutting out?- total control demands a release of energy, fading into the force of control (force of control, is that weakness of the whole, decaying the global power) what if one allows shifting but utilizes it, as metal heats and cools it warps, this motion is energy that may be utilized, simply guiding about an element in the environment.


1% or 99% is half and half (without nothingness -or in a sense space just as light is faulty- the pure essence that is all -therefore it simply is- without this any percent remains a cutting away) one cannot get closer to enlightenment (something all encompassing, this does not come closer, nor move further away) the difference between the sickliest sinner, contrasted to the lowest Terran -which is simply a matured individual- is a bare step and shift.


How does one create a Terran, they must feel the full flux of life (that means feeling the full force of anger, without seeking any form of decay) what is a metal that does not break, but only bends?


Half and half, Nietzsche was angry with me for that (but one of my weaknesses is presumption, even in not asking myself what is already known -to write fluid one writes spontaneous- but questions are guiding posts) he told me as much before he fucked with me (I recognize the literary tools, I merely have a different sense of time and self) but I don’t merely wish to parrot or assume, I wish to attack all that I find weak (just as in reading Pascal, one finds a great mentor for Nietszche, one attacks all they despise in those they find greatest) to do so with mentors or guides, this is to move beyond them, to find one-self through their medium.


Though I still frustrated him when we last spoke, my hope is to truly annoy him, just as he sought to annoy Pascal!


Failure still remains failure, a new question then, what is already rooted within the noos -consider changing light to being.-?


PS. thank you Sobroquet (I am not entirely sure, whether your post was actually as insulting as I took it, regardless) cheers both for grammarly -though it is much less useful to me now- and for being a challenge, I read this work to myself aloud, before posting it.

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