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Original blog post credit from Didi   November 6,2014

Excellent imagery and information this is in my personal photo collection. This Sha'man picture hangs over Joseph Campbell's desk. Thank you very much for this post for me it has been one of the better connections on the subject.

Also wish to add before I started reading this post was compelled to spell Sha'man this way as it is the way I heard Joseph Campbell pronounce it and now know where and why he said it this way. I had a personal friend (Michel Orion Scott) go to Mongolia, and made a movie on Sha'man and equine therapy with Rupert Isaacson autistic son the movie is called "Horse Boy".      Enjoy Peace

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Comment by anki on December 25, 2014 at 1:40am

yea i remember her  post, it was amazing. thanks for reminding me of it

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