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Shamans are explorers.
They go out into realms of consciousness to seek more than what they have or what they think they have.
There is an amount of "love" or "desire" is to seek something more.
But is it the object of desire, or rather the experience, the journey, to seek?

It would seem to me that it's none of these things, and all of these things.

But the often "forgotten" part of this Shamanistic process, is that the Shaman came back and taught.

There must have been a period of self reflection and "meditation" on the experience first, but the perspective of the self is limited.

So then the experience and learnings were shared.
In my thoughts, this motivation was two-fold.
One was to further develop (crystalize, if you will) what was learned from the experience into the observer, and two...

To experiment with these "other worldly teachings" through the interaction of others and their perceptions.

If we accept these considerations, then the Archetype of the Shaman, can be understood at a different level.
They are doorways.
Might one seeking the path, accept becoming the path itself?

Through this analysis, I would say that any other classification of spiritual practioner, would likely exhibit similar behaviors.

Now what have I gained by this?
Or more biased support of my theory of "Spirituality is the Effort of Expansion of Consciousness".


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