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Getting closer, or maybe further away...

Now know that these are my words, and I take full responsibility for them.
Also know that this is a work in progress, and all I have are my experiences and observations as such.
This what I must speak.

These are my questions/issues.
Be warned, there is no censorship:

Spiritual initiations - I follow the regiment of practices and once completed, I am bestowed a grade/title of competence. Thanks. What next?
*This seems to me to be an evolution of control. Meet the new 'grade'ed school, of spiritual growth.

God forms - Learn the history and social tendencies of the people that worshiped said 'god'. Connect with the context of thought of the worshippers so you may learn more about the deity and eventually yourself.
*Cool, but that god form is tainted by the limitations of those who worshipped it. And let's be frank here, if you are subjugated to worshipping deities, you lack. You are of a scarcity mindset. I'd rather not connect to that mask or add more corners to the maze.

Grimoires - You have problem, I have elixir.
*Don't mind the mercury, and lets ignore the problem. The solution is outside right? Where's that damn dragon blood?

Lineage - Our rules represent the most divine of teachings. These teachings have transmitted to us by the ascendant ones. These teachings are truth from above.
*How much is the subscription? Which group did you splinter off from? How many members do you have doing the same ritual set, bringing energy to the form you charged me for, and ultimately proving the very concept you prophesized. Well I paid for it, figuratively and literally.

These are four issues I have with the general landscape of spirituality.
And these are patterns that can be observed in everyday life, from the professional life, to the home life.

One word, separation.

If it can be separated from the whole (the individual), then it can be monetized.
Currency, attention, time, choose your method of transaction.

I will make the argument that everything you need for growth of any kind, is already around you. Its there for you to experience. The universe provided it to you.

I would caution all when deciding which "path", "school", or "theology" to follow.
Know that there is something outside of these "frameworks" that turned your head to look for them in the first place.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to go back and understand what it was that brought you to the doorstep to begin with?

The framework is there for support.
Do not let it turn into a more divine jail cell.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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Comment by Chris Kelley on January 16, 2019 at 9:03pm

Alright, I'm drowning in a sea of words here. Two things, I will state in this last response:

1. I feel that because I question that which has been accepted, doesn't mean that either is wrong.

2. A quote, from Rodney Collin's book "The Theory of Conscious Harmony" (and I will drop names too, but they are of men, humans, thinkers, not gods). Rodney was a student of P. D. Ouspensky.
Page 6, and I quote:
"One has to form within oneself one's own judgement of the esoteric. Ouspensky himself always told us: 'You must not believe me. Observe. Prove or disprove what I say. You must come to your own conclusions.'
Easy acceptance on the one hand or negative argument on the other are equally resistant obstacles, each belonging to different types of people".

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

Comment by Chris Kelley on January 14, 2019 at 9:37pm

Let's bring this back to the original motivation of the post. While there is a lot of which you stated I agree with, know that I will always question.
I will question any and all accepted frameworks of spiritual growth.
My questioning of accepted forced forms of religion is what started me on this path to begin with.
I will continue to question, and I will especially question the process.
THIS is my stubborness.
This does not mean I don't do the work.
But I will question all who appear to be interested in the process.

Ultimately it is MY process. All thorns are mine!
Mine to release or mine to sharpen.

I will also question also the act of "giving up" all things.
I understand the "releasing" of control from other "things", but to give up all, doesn't make sense to me.
We are earthly beings. Everyting around us is an oppurtunity to interact, to expericence, and to hopefully create.
Why "give" that up?
I would say embrace it! Embrace all of it!
But keep the observer/witness free of control, free of chains to these things.

To create means accepting the possibility of failure, catastrophe.
Pain, loss. Why give this process up?
There will be happiness and abundence on the other end.
This is nature. To "give" it up and move to another town (level of consciousness), well you'll probably see the same dichotomy.

I should remain here, and get everything out of these experiences I can and give thanks for this wild and crazy world. Not run from it.

Fundamentally what I argue is not about the "tools" themselves but more so:
Whose tools are they, and what exactly are they being used on.
At every level, whether it be in the temple, in dreams, in everyday relationships, in every waking thought and emotion.
I will question...

Comment by Chris Kelley on January 12, 2019 at 6:27pm

Interesting, so one could say that my passion for identifying and pushing myself away from these "concepts" is just me replacing one thorn with another?

Comment by Chris Kelley on January 11, 2019 at 9:55pm

Awesome! Thanks Dean. What I am trying to convey in this post is to not abandon logic for the sake of emotional fulfillment, purely. I agree with your metaphor of repairing a car without a manual. 
But I argue that one should be wary of the advertisements in said manuals.
And instead of constantly focusing on repairs, perhaps one should be willing to invent something new.
Again, "The framework is there for support.
Do not let it turn into a more divine jail cell."
Sorry mechanics...

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