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My last post on desire, frankly could have been better I think.
But that's kinda the point?
With desire, one should also seek sight. Perception.

These aspects on "paper" seem simple enough, but they are far more important than characters for eyeballs to consume.
Accept that desire exists.
Now what do you do with it?

The aspect of sight/perception now appears, to me at least.
Where is the energy being directed?
Where to shoot the arrow?
What is the personal mission?

If you don't have one, someone else will make it up for you. Trust me. Been there done that, felt horrible.

But also, in those moments of carelessness dressed as servitude, you learn.
You learn that it's just not your desire you have to contend with, but everyone else's as well.
Enter sight and perception.
Be aware of what lurks inside, and you might have some idea of what is inside others.

The general goal is to better understand the terrain you are traversing. Consider that it's neither good nor bad.
That's your part to lay color.
But first, you must see the wall before you paint it.

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