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Signal to Noise IV; The Story within the Story

So this idea maybe a stretch, or maybe there's already a defined practice, I don't know so I will write.
I had some vacation time recently, and I spent a lot of it drinking beer, listening to music, and watching water flow over rock.
A lot of thoughts occurred in my mind of course, and I let them appear and I went with the flow.
The odd thing that did happen in these series of thoughts, was that I would end up somewhere, some odd subject or place in time (past and future).
Then I would think (taking control of the ship again), how did I end up here?
And when I was able to (depending on the number beers consumed), I would piece the story back together.
The series of thoughts that led me to that "weird" place.

Now I wonder if that might be a beneficial meditation tool. What I would add onto it is to beware of common theme(s) during the recounting of thoughts.
Mine was that of "home".

So maybe try it out, ride the thoughts and see were they go, but also be able to stop the ride then look back on the journey traveled. Not just memory, but what it produced in possibilities from the meditation or mental experience.
What's the underlying story behind these thoughts? What the common thread? What are the associations from one imagined/remembered environment from the next?

Now as I write this, maybe it's like listening to the story of you mind, like you would read a mythological text.
Read between the lines, and be willing to allow the many lines to appear to produce context, the story.
The story the mind is speaking, is most likely is the story your are living.

Just throwing it out there. 

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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