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Decision. One could say that "wisdom" is the result of a lot of decisions.
If you have ever had experience to meet or interact with an old farmer.
Like true old school, Clint Eastwood type of guy, what you realize is first they have seen it all and the wind does not sway them as easily as it does others.
This wealth of experience gives them confidence in character and action.
Because they understand what has worked in the past, and what has failed.
Wisdom, it's not just the repetition of decision, but also realization of what was produced by the decision.

Now this gives you a foundation for decision making in your current biosphere of environment, but also, what could be considered "transcendent" is that next level wisdom.
The external inputs and problems, and what they produce internally.
These insights transcend the framework of reference.
The farmer, the banker, the star athlete, the vocal performer, etc.

I guess what I am getting at here is that decision making is an art.
I would even venture is that the act in itself is esoteric.
So many possibilities, so many inputs, so many perspectives.
To navigate that sphere of outcomes effectively, from my perspective, requires mental and emotional stability. Which would lead one into these underground practices of refining the self (I like the idea of exposing the true self).
Perhaps, that's the point.

I like Stoic philosophy, and one of its tenants is that "the obstacle becomes the way".
The obstacle forces the individual to observe and connect with these inputs that apparently have become knotted together to produce the obstacle in the first place.
But its through this process we learn, then we take action, and learn again.

If the definition of Magick can be boiled down to "making changes in the universe in accordance with will", then I can also say the every decision made (or not made) is Magick.
Then I would also say that every decision maker is a Magician.
Consider this outside of ritual and meditation.
Consider the earthly/mundane world of existence.
Is it truly so mundane?
Is there a decision to be made?

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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