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Greetings seekers,

An oppressive darkness surrounds me. I can feel it, gnawing at the fringes of my perception. I am currently researching means to defend myself from it. In case I go dark soon, I would like to present the following details.

Not long after I began my meditations on astral perception, I began to experience negative energies in greater depth. In that time, nothing noteworthy has happened in my life that should affect my emotional wellbeing or mental health. However, I soon located physical evidence a police investigation had been conducted on my property, most likely before I moved in. The evidence did not suggest the nature of this investigation; however, research uncovered that my current residence may have been the site of a murder roughly 10 years ago. I have filed a records request with my local police department and am currently awaiting a response.

That was two days ago. Each night since then, I have caught a different person looking through my bedroom window in the small hours of the morning. I doubt these individuals represent the police, since my request was fairly innocuous and the crime was solved easily ten years ago. It also seems unlikely I am being haunted, as there have been no signs other than a general sense of dread. However, I wonder whether my increased spiritual presence may have alerted a local occult group that has taken a suspicious interest in me. Singling me out in a population the size of Minneapolis-St. Paul seems outlandish, but it may be possible to scry for other occultists through means I do not currently know.

I will continue to report on this situation as it develops. Dragonslayer give me strength.

Purkinje, the many-branching

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