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Slaves to Emotion->Fear of the Individual/Responsibility

39 years ago this conversation took place and was broadcast on TV.
Scroll down to the link.
Now, lets put that event in context.
In 1979 a Sony Walkman cost 200 dollars.
Men were sold this:

Females were sold this:

Due to crisis in Iran Oil Prices Increase around the world and the public begin panic buying making things worse.

During the "Death to the Klan March" organized by communist supporters in Greensboro, North Carolina white supremist open fire killing five marchers.

Three Mile island Nuclear Accident after fire at reactor in Pennsylvania US.

YMCA sues the Village People for libel because of their song of the same name.

8 bit systems are available for public purchase.
The ability to stream gigabits of information wirelessly is currently available.
Note, a "gigabit" is a billion bits of information.

There's something to be said about value and volume here.
There's also something to be said about progress and stagnation.
Watch this video and let me know if there are any new/novel thoughts spoken...

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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Comment by Chris Kelley on November 4, 2018 at 7:46pm

Stagnation brings rot and nats. Buzzards will circle, and you will be consumed and recycled by the universe. This is nature. Nihilistic perceptions of victimhood will only produce more cannon fodder to build that which is empty. This is the essence of external sacrifice and what we are "taught" to believe.
You cannot sacrifice that which was handed to you. And this is why we live with shame and seek solutions that are not our own and are left with more of it!

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