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Solve et Coagula; an essential alchemical proccess

One of the most beautiful, harshest, and possibly wrecking realizations along any spiritual path, is that every single moment that has ever happened in your life was your choice, every event was a reaction to your actions, and the problems which you found blame for in others is only a fault you have found in yourself. It leaves the ego trembling as it realizes every single emotional barrier has now crumbled, it stands bare with no armor or defense. Yet the wise man will lay his hand upon his own bewildered, crazed, and crumbling ego and point to the rising Sun ahead. "The power of choice stays true for all the days to come, and now that you have burned all that you could burn, stripped your ugly armors, your crude weapons... Now as you stand bare before your own holy judgment you will stand with new found strength!" The wise man will proclaim to his own ego, "Look towards that rising Sun my child, for this may be a gruesome end... It is a glorious divine beginning too."

This will have been the second trial, the deciding point between the broken and the wise. At that crucial moment when your ego is laid bare before the landscapes of the mental plane is when every demon smells his flesh. Guilt, hurt, depression, at times denial, insanity, and even suicide come crawling from the deepest depths of the emotional abyss. With drooling fangs and eager claws they race to claim the dissolved ego...

If the wise man doesn't speak... The results are even more catastrophic than the old ignorant ego. If the main ingredient of this alchemical process, the wise man's guidance, is missing from the formula then the ego lays dissolved in an unrecognizable puddle of emotional and contradicting filth. Yet if the fire is applied correctly, if only the wind is to be guided gently towards that rising Sun on the horizon then the divine coagulation is complete. The higher aspects of the Ego mold together as if magnetized in to a new magnificent stone ablaze with an immortal essence, leaving behind the chaotic lower ones.

The demons come dashing towards the now holy warrior expecting to see a broken mess but are stopped dead with awe at what their gaze has come to find. Not a mere man now stands the Ego, but something very different. Not quite human, not an Angel or a God, but an unrecognizable mixture of the three. They bow to him, who's armor is forged of his heart. Armed with a sword made of truth and burning with the fire of the Heavens the Ego stands above this mental abyss, and stares this demon army face to face without a trace of doubt. They bow, because they need not question, Lucifer has crowned another bearer for his light. 

At this moment the Angels sing of glory in the dimensions above ours, penetrating the divine abyss to tremble even the holy trinity with pleasure, so that they may too rejoice in this moment when a new tree has been planted to climb up the tree of life. Eager are they to the arrival of their newly awakened child. In their rejoice a single tear of joy and laughter falls from the cosmic eyes of Yod, caressed on it's way down by the loving manifestation of mother Hé to reach the young prince Vau. The holy guardian angel blessed by his eternal mother and father begins now his descent towards our hero to guide him further up his climb.

The ascension of the self begins, as the heavens reach out to guide you beyond even your wildest imaginations. The worlds that this now initiate is destined to cross are of the deepest mystery, the play grounds of spirits, angels, and gods alike. He too will soon meet his Guardian Angel and together they will travel the ten dimensions discovering ineffible truths and teachings. For what purpose you may ask? To exalt God's grace and will in our own physical world, guiding the evolutionary process of one and all. To become teachers, healers, yogis, Buddhas, miracle workers, and for some to become world leaders in the struggle for freedom, love, and compassion.

Be weary to claim you have faced this holy realization that all which has happened in your life is truly your cross to bare, the cross which you have carved from start to finish by thy hand. It is one thing to understand the concept logically, but we must strive to experience it emotionally. Only then do we fully dissolve, and only then can we coagulate. Sometimes the process seems a success yet flaws are found later on which we must strive to perfect. In some cases the finished product crumbles completely no matter how flawless, lacking proper care and attention, resulting in a repetition of the tiring alchemical process that is Solve et Coagula.

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