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i still remember the time i made atum the bird aviary lol
see energy passes from journey to journey ... sojournig its labelle but its really ust life at death we move and reform into another life
until comes the time of the disolving of time
therefore everyones life is temporal
thats why i call all these new age creators renovators because they dont use what is theres they manipulte anothers body
and this my friend is against universal law
so there is only a matter of time before their end comes
because when they manipulate someone elses body or matter they dont realise how much damage they are doing to millions of others at the same time
God morning
A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. — Proverbs 11:25
Pappa, your generosity and gifts that have graced my life truly humble me. Your grace has taught me that I can be more like you in every way. Bless me heart with trust and faith as I become more generous with others in all ways, being a better servant to all. And so I pray. Amen.
9:55 AM
when the athiests attacked me at atom i was working with atom on a growing process to make a strong universal system
see we were not at the top of the designed matter portals because i wanted the lower to grow naturaly into its maifesting configuration
they pushed a fake paradigm to block atom from growing
and then said they made it
so in hindsight they ruined what i wanted to do
atum grew with war and a lot of pain
i wanted atom to grow nurtured
and so therefore their actions ginst my cretion not theres have cause all this
if it had of grown and they had of learnt without suffering and stress their iq levels or lvls of intelligence would of been much higher because they learn in a comfortable safe place without stress
after it grew i cres great and small would of transferred it to atum below then all creatures great and small woud of had comfortable learning and intellect of creation before learning strength
but the athiests though they knew better than me
athiests believe in nothing but themselves my people believe in people
a congregation of virtues and intellect to a valuble level of wellbeing
in the early days when athiest sojourned at my place they were to sign off on guidlines and rules on entry and if they caused trouble they were killed here and excumnicated and sent bck to where they come from becuse their vlues did not fit what i wanted for my children
so yes im guilty of murdering thiests but not killing i sent them back to where they come from
see my cretions are not two sided or seperated in anyway and never will be because all seperation causes is friction my creations are like flowing water that combines and lives together in one matrimony not two
10:46 AM
One God supreme the universe does sway
With rev’rence his omnipotence obey;
And know, that all we possibly can name,
From heav’n itself originally came;
Let no mean thoughts of dissolution fright,
Or damp you spirits with the dews of night.
The soul’s immortal and can never die;
For frail existence no vain efforts make,
For fear to lose what he wants power to take.
Of awful vengeance ever shall be hurl’d
By nature’s God against a sinful world;
In dreadful deluges we must expire
Or else consume in rapid flames of fire.
In these tremendous elements alone,
Mankind shall perish, and their sins atone.
Another world is ready to receive
Immortal souls, that earthly bodies leave
To dust the perishable parts return,
But at the grave eternal spirits spurn.
And if in virtue’s path they trod below,
In heav’nly mansions ‘tis their fate to glow;
But if by vice enslav’d, their doom’s to roam
Without a heav’nly, or an earthly home.
On your young offspring spend your utmost care,
And of the early seeds of vice beware;
This noble talk you can’t commence too soon,
Expand their virtues, and their follies prune.
Their youthful minds, like melted wax impress,
And heav’n’s fair image in their souls express



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