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The Soul Mates connection is based on energy, a compatible energy force that takes it cues from each mates vibration output. The quicker we as Soul Mates come to this level of understanding, the sooner we will stop suffering, manipulating and focusing our attention on our soul’s purpose.

The soul mate connection is a Higher level of energy. An energy that most of us are not accustom to working with. It is an extremely powerful connection, especially in the case of Twin Flames, soul mates of the highest order. Most time when we enter this energy, we are still carrying low vibrational beliefs, emotional patterns and behaviors that will serious disrupt the flow of the energy, a ‘fail safety mechanism’ has been incorporated within our bond. This fail safe mechanism is simply a vibrational compatibility connection. This vibrational connection keeps both mates safe from truly damaging the connection with our ignorance and indifference to the sacredness of this gift. This connection works like a puzzle. If the pieces don’t match up, then the puzzle cannot come together as a full picture. The same with this mechanism, if the vibrational energies do not line us, then the mates will be kept apart until the work has been done.

I really wanted to speak on the topic of mates who run, and mates who stay, because it is a concept that mates have a very hard time understanding. To define a ‘stayer’ and a ‘runner’ is simply, one or both mates that run from the connection, and the stayer is the one who is supposedly left or forgotten about. This pattern is not only common, it’s a natural phenomenon, and it’s a rarity to have a pair that immediately accept the energy and understand how to work through the energies intensity right away. So if you are experiencing this in your connection, the last thing you need to be is ashamed or guilty, okay.

The Runner

As I had mentioned in previous articles, the soul mate energy is intense, and it’ sole purpose is to purify the energies within each mate so that we can reach a level of understanding of how to function from the Highest place in love and trust in all of our relationship, and in turn, the mates will become exemplifiers for others to emulate. This goal cannot be reached if we as mates are vibrating from a level of fear. As mates, we have reached a level of spiritual maturity where we have the ability to hold more and more spiritual light. Make no mistake, each mate, no matter what it looks like, have earned this ‘status’, if you will. So, Keesha, you may ask, why does my mate do everything in his or her power to keep me at arm’s length? That’s not spiritual maturity, Keesha?” And you are correct!

In this connection, each of the mates are challenged to address both their individual shortcomings and once they come together, they will learn to work as a unit to flow in greater love. There is a common theme among most runners and these are dealing with issues of the feelings of worthlessness, trust and sometimes addiction. It’s not that the runner does not feel the intensity of love for their mates, in their mid, they believe that they are not ‘ready’ or do not have what it takes to be a viable partner to their mates. So it’s not really their mate that is causing them to run, no, actually most runners have safely placed their mates way up on the ‘untouchable’ pedestal; it’s that they do not trust and love themselves enough.

The runner’s challenge is to take steps in understanding how to love and value themselves. They have to learn to change and release the pain from past relationships and learn to trust and improve their relationship with their non-physical guides. Most runners are capable of achieving this, but oftentimes, it’s the ‘stayer’ that stands in the way.

The Stayer

In my practice, I work with mainly stayers, for obvious reasons. In the stayer’s mind, they are the one left holding the bag, if you will. They believe they are the ones who know exactly what their mate needs to do to get their shit together so that they can carry on with their love fest. When I work with stayers, I often find that they are carrying this unconscious victim mentality. They come across as confident and strong, but when we work in a session, we usually uncover issues of abandonment and trust. We find that their mate’s running, triggers those abandonment issues, issues that they have pushed down years prior to meeting ‘the one’. This triggering of the abandonment issues, sort of compels the stayer to become forceful, manipulative and mistrusting in their dealing with their mate.

Because those who act out the loudest get the most attention, the stayer begins to make it their mission to ‘make’ their mates see the light. They are missing the whole point of the connection. They are not focusing on their own every painful issue that most definitely need to be addressed before anything can happen. Once the stayer begins to work on their own issues, they will be better able to forgive their mates for their irradict and painful behavior and trust the process of their connection taking form. Until they do, they will continue to grasp at straw in frustration, and become further estranged from the one they love dearly.

In these connections, both the stayer and the runner have psychic and healing abilities, but they cannot be fully tapped into because each mate is either running or acting from an unconscious desperation. Both mates can ease their suffering from this beautiful connection by learning to face their individual fears, and trust the process. Also, do not think you can ‘fool’ this energy into believing you are ready for the coming together, this is an energetic connection, so if the energies don’t fit, you must admit, then aquit!

For the ‘stayers’ there is much work that needs to be done on your part before the reunion with your mate can take place. Remember, the reason why you and your mate are not together is because both of your energies are repelling each other, bot of you still ahev yet to be in vibrational alignment to receive one another

It is key that as you are in the ‘stayer’ mode, that you not sit around pining for your mates swift return, you must accept that there really is nothing that you can do on the physical realm to bring them back to you swiftly, this process is out of your control. So we must focus on the areas of our lives that we do have control over, areas in our lives that we have been neglecting.

As we are moving with the flow of unconditional love, high spiritual principles and personal responsibility, we are setting a foundation for relationships that promote interdependence and equality within relationship formats. Most of us have not learned how to function interdependently in any type of relationship. We may be accustomed to placing ourselves in either a dominate or subordinate position. With both of these positions being unbalanced and distorted. both positions prevents us the opportunity to be truly empowered, both positions seduces us into a false sense of security. But in truth, we are not secure giving up our personal power for the sak of comfort in a relationship.

This pattern within you must be faced and eliminated before you can reunite with your mate, or you will continuously clash with each other. Some of the areas that you can begin to address or improve:

Your Emotional Well Being: Its always wise to challenge yourself to continuously grow on the emotional level. There are good self help and spiritual growth books out here that you can choose from , there are also spiritually based support groups that can give you the continuous feedback about your development. If you find that the process is oo difficult with these methods alone, I strongly advise you to seek out professional help.

Your Financial Responsibilities: How do you handle your finances? What is your financial pattern while in relationships? Do you have a standoffish approach to finances in your relationships in the past and in the present? Do you manipulate people to get money or to take up some of your financial responsibilities?

We are no longer dependent children that can take a carefree approach to getting our needs met, specially financially. When we are weak, irresponsible and neglectful in our financial life, we knowingly and unknowingly place ourselves in a position of dependence, therefore heightening our postiential to be a victim. Focusing our energy in organizing our finances is extremely important. Its important for you to handle whatever amount of income that you do receive responsibly, so that the Law of Attraction can work on your behalf to supply you with more money or opportunities to receive more.

Your Physical Well Being: How is your health? Are you doing all that you can to be in optimal health? Are you taking preventative measures to avoid a health crisis? How do you feel about your body or the way you look? Being proactive in our health and self image is also very important. The way we feel and the way we feel about the way we look does determine the level of intimacy in our relationships with ourselves and our mates. So address these issues the best that you can. Write a plan out on paper of your goals, get the appropriate support you need o encourage you through the process and take it all one step at a time, one goal at a time.

Your Spirituality: Continue to make getting in touch with your higher self snd higher purpose adaily part of your routine. Learn to listen to your intuitive voice, learn to make courage steps toward your own well being, get out in nature more, and seto yourself.ek out a variety of ways to express your creativity. This is a spiritual union, and you must stay focused on your spiritusl growth in order to keep the life and health of yourself and your connection with your mate, so it’s best to solidify a routine now that you have this time.

Your time of separation does not have to be filled with pain and suffering; you can take back your personal power and improve your life to the best of your ability. You can become the best person, the best mate you can be by focusing on ways to bring to the connection all of your access.

As an intuitive spiritual life coach, I am free to support you. If you need further assistance, please feel free to schedule a private intuitive consultation with me, so that we can get you started in strengthening up the structures of your life.

In Conclusion

The soul mate connection is indeed a beautiful gift, and has an important purpose, but it’s energy automatically repels lower vibrational thoughts and behaviors from the bond. Bothe runner and the stayer are challenged to address their fears, discover and embrace their strength in order for this connection to properly come together in its own form. Keep doing the work, and trusting that all really is well, I love you all

Keesha Michelle Washington is a Spiritual Life Guide that supports men and women in living in integrity with their spiritual values and principles. She also assists men and women in finding and maintaining spiritual relationships. She is available to answer questions about spiritual relationships and spiritual growth. You can learn more about her service work by visiting her websites.

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