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Say you make the decision to purchase a new vehicle. Perhaps you have saved up some money, got your credit "score" in a holy place. An elevated place above all the other participants in the "credit" realm.
Then you select your vehicle and go through the purchasing process.
What is involved in this process to purchase this vehicle?

Trade in vehicle and the establishment that owned it, that you were paying monthly offerings to so you can drive it.
The insurance company that you made monthly offerings to, to protect it.
The local government affiliate that you made yearly offerings to, to ensure it was safe to operate.
The local government that you made yearly offerings to, to ensure it was appropriately tagged and licensed to operate.
The local government that you made yearly offerings to, to own it.

There seems to be a pattern here, in my opinion.

Basically, shit's closing in, on everything.
If I consider this seemingly simple interaction of purchasing a new vehicle, and also all of the other monetary associations tied to it, then it's not a stretch of the imagination for me to see this type of pattern emerging in human behavior.

Your environment influences you. And if something that usually can be an emotionally charged interaction, buying that new bad-ass vehicle, the pattern of the experience coupled with the emotion will leave an imprint onto the psyche.

Now if you were to consider this innocuous interaction, and the pieces involved, you might be able "tease" out other similar relationships.

The first I would like to point out is that of human meddling.
When there is a drastic change of point of view expressed, it will be cut down and attacked. Like the tallest blade of grass. Remember/learn history.

This is a change point, much like the purchase of the new vehicle was, everyone wants to get there hands in it, at a micro level.

Just like when two chimps start fighting over a mate or territory, everyone else has to get involved. Not because they want to, but because that's where the energy is at and the associations of ego.

And during this conflict, or transaction, participants desire to express themselves in this action. Because without the opportunity, there is no other way to express. So the conflict or transaction must be extended, for the sake of further consumption of energy through expression.
Think about that for a moment considering the instigators of conflict or transaction in your personal like.

What does this mean practically? I come back to the age old occult tenant of being silent.
On one side it's not speaking of your innermost practices, but the other side is also keeping the mind quiet despite the ever mounting onslaught of fear based attention drains.
Which is what I can consider to be that ever mounting pile of intrusion on the individual.

Seriously, do I really need to buy insurance on a TV? To put it into the materialistic realm. Fear based intrusion.
The aspect that needs to be considered, is neither the TV, vehicle, or the insurance, it's the person, the mindset, the perspective behind it.

As the chains become more elusive, but the restriction becomes tighter...
Click, click, click...

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