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Thumb and index finger lightly touching on each hand.

The contact point on each hand touching together at the chest.  This is the focal point.

One hand moves up and the other downwards.  Allowing the focus to remain upon the finger link.  One hand rising above the head, the other descending below the groin.

Bring the hands back to center, touching finger conexion to finger conexion.  Bring the finger apart slightly, sensing for the minute shifts, one link and two.

Spread apart up and down, bring together allowing the peripheral awareness of the body and environ to remain.

Let the body be immersed in the open spatial awareness, the awareness loosely flowing over each facet, about with breath and pulse.

The small shifts in the hands are in a sense enormous.  The simple shift from all touching, to body encompassing or even closely split.  Feeling the body within a wider whole, the still spaciousness holds integrity.  Then it allows the vibrant flow, by the space surrounding each facet of body and mind.

On a finishing note, I've also used mint oil to help create a shifting sense of the body.  Rubbing below the nose, at the third eye, and along the eye lids (very small amounts) it creates a lighter/cooler than normal contrast.  Particularly with deep diaphragm/stomach breathing 4:4 in out 4:2 in out breath counts.

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