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Ghost? no, by calling them as a ghost would bring a negative connotation.

they are not that easy to explain since they never talk to me (before). so spirit is the best name I can come out with them.

2 days ago I meet one of them. the spirit did nothing to me, but it makes me want to summarize every one of them that I ever met face to face. so, here they are:

1. at 1-9 yo, I can't remember every one of them (spirits). my mother said that about 3 times in a week something always possessed me, my big brother who sleeps beside me always get the worst of them (sometimes I counted 1-100 and repeat for hours, sometimes I laughed for hours, sometimes I get up and stand for hours ini silent, sometimes I get out of the house and slept outside (all doors surely locked), and many other stories)

Our family called all kind of shamans,  religious person, psychologist, etc tried to fixed me. they always insisted that they were made a progress on me or even succeeded, and I always gave them positive responds d (lied) just to make my mom happy. but honestly, it never works.

2. at 10 yo, 03:00-05:00 am, I woke up and things gets scarier than ever. I can see every tiny things from every corner of my room (such as dust, ants, mosquito) and they were huge. like a monster that could swallow me, or like a big boulder that could crush me. my grandma and grandpa come to visited me/calm me down that morning, I scream a lot at that time.

And at last, The spirit show him self, itu was 04:00. From my point of view everybody and everything around me disappear the only thing i could see ia the spirit, he stands in front of me, he is really huge, as big as a mountain. I can see he means no harm, but he is kind of bossy by nature. 

--##-- nothing really happens between 11-17 years old. just whispers, chuckles, and sometimes laugh. I grew up to be smart. I sleep 5 hours a day (10:00 pm - 03:00 am / sometimes until 04:00 pm)

3. 17 yo, 7th - 24th November (at this time my father was dying). He was suffering from complication disease (liver disease, and other 2 diseases). but strange things happen with him from 10th - 24th November. at this time, my father stopped talking to me. from what I saw, his body was normal and well, but people called him skinny (like a corpse), I tried to argued with my mom that father is healthy as always, but then she reacted the opposite, she concluded that my dad was already dead and reanimated (I didn't know whether she was serious or not). at his last breath, my father stared at me for a long time before he was gone. even at his funeral, I didn't saw him as skinny or unwell.


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Comment by anki on August 1, 2018 at 2:32am

Great post, I know what you mean. My sis and me, even my grandma and my daughter we all see them too.

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