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If you are a person where the last few days may have been a little shaky, but through discipline, you have seen yourself through – all that is left to do is claim your victory! In this card, you see the clear skies to let you know the storm has passed and a huge sense of giving yourself a pat on the back is felt. For even if your disciplined defense was shaky, you stood your ground and for that, stand strong in confidence! “If a man achieves victory over his body(mind) who in the world can exercise power over him? He who rules himself rules over the whole world (Vinoba Bhave).”


If you are a person who is currently going through adversity. This card says cut away the chains that hold you down! You are a Divine Child! Remember there is always a bigger picture outside of your perceived reality. I am seeing a person lifting the sword above their head. In the effort to lift the sword above their head, they pass the sword over their body(from the waist they bring the sword uplifting it) – cutting that which is no longer serving them and once the sword is above the head, the force that comes from being plugged into a system greater than themselves subdues any and all negativity within their independent reality. Notice how the mouse has come up off the ground (which is his home) and is taking sight to the athame. So much so that he has removed himself completely from the foundation of his home. Take strength in the collective conscious, for you are a precious part of it! Use the collective conscious against any and all independent notions. You are not alone and you are not forgotten. You are an example of love, the love that is within you can be expressed by no one other than you, and that; THAT is your power.


If you are a person who is currently changing your reality. This card is about summoning your sheer willpower. You are familiar with the notions in which you have thought to apply in your life. You are independent and you are one. You have removed much negativity from your life. You have eagerly sought education to support your perceptions. You have disciplined your mind. You have disciplined the energy which partakes in the matrix of all of creation. Here I see a person who is an amazing warrior. One whom tiredness does not effect. Recollect yourself. Ground yourself. Tap into that reservoir of infinite potential and draw a renewal of strength to break through the energy systems that surround you. For victory is a notion known prior to the actual battle.


No matter where you are, victory is there waiting to be claimed. Confidence. Resolution. Discipline. Summon and focus your will! “Be unshakeable in your conviction that you have all the potentialities of great success (Paramhansa Yogananda).”

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