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The  depicted in Hindu & Buddhist mandalas is a tetrahedral 3D structure, which completed in 3D forms a Flower of Life form from the top view of the mandala. The Flower of Life has the chakratic Tree of Life inside it to show the human chakra system. Inside the Sri Yantra tetrahedral is the 5 pointed Star of David often depicted in Judaism, Kaballah, and Buddhism. Learning to understand and work with our emotions is the key to being able to tap into universal consciousness and its knowledge in your merkaba. The thing that keeps people from being self aware of where merkabalistic creation powers in this hologram is allowing their negative and destructive emotions to overpower them in their own creations. Fear constructs are only mirrors to allow the creator of their own experience the ability to see the polar opposite of their thoughts and emotions to decide what resonates within them for the universe to manifest the next set of synchronistic events to project back to be experienced. Always living from within your heart where the black hole of your merkaba lies is to always choose the most loving options so more unified and positive experiences manifest synchronisticly.

When the rainbow body of enlightenment is activated through aligning all the rainbow colors of your chakras, this black hole emitting out of your heart chakra depicted as auratic metta circles & halos accessed from within your consciousness spins in a golden spiral to propel you into your desired parallel reality, dimension, & activate dormant 6th senses unique to your DNA that matches the frequency you previously emitted out into the universe back to you the creator as reflected projections to be experienced in a series of NOW moments. In science they call this process the movement of a black hole where non-local conscious energy comes down the crown chakra through all the chakras downward and then outward in an apple shaped circular motion back to the crown chakra and downward in a loop cycle. That’s why all black holes follow the same vortex shape of the human aura system around the body. The halo above the crown chakra often accompanying the circular apple shaped torus vortex around the body is often shown to represent universal energy starting at the crown chakra and coming down the tree of life inside you. That’s why all accurate spiritual artwork has a circular human aura and a halo.

In Buddhism, the artwork often depicts the merkaba vessel as a lotus holding the human jewel (the enlightened human) inside it because a tetrahedral black hole vortex looks like a flower with petals (flower of life) around you carrying you to parallel realities with the same set of people and similar environment that matches your frequency. This is why it is best to love people as they are and be the best you, you can be as that type of inner peace, compassion, and unconditional love will activate your merkaba to match higher and higher realities that match the frequency your heart is emitting outward into the universe. You know you have moved into a new parallel reality when those you know well suddenly behaves differently, some people’s eye colors change, certain details you previously remembered to no longer exist or are slightly different, but everyone else thinks you have memory lost when that reality has always been that like and you must be tripping, or any other slight differences in your neighborhood you don’t remember was there. Everything external are just self projections mirroring your internal frequency. Simple physics. The universe has no choice, but to give you exactly what you are and mirror what you feel inside. If you are in peace, then the projected environment will be peaceful. If you are unconditional love, then what projects back to you is loving people and situations. What you send out comes back to you, because you are the creator of your own life experiences and each lesson in love moves you into higher realities where others of the same frequency reside. Many spiritual traditions use sacred geometry as symbolic records explaining basic metaphysics (quantum physics). Art is an encrypted record keeping tool hidden in plain sight that supersedes egocentric consciousness. You can see the big picture & instructions when you go above semantics of duality consciousness (moon/sun) & unify similarities in all relevant traditions.

Yantras are formed by 9 interlocking isoceles triangles. 4 of them point upwards and represent the female energy Shakti, while the other 5 point downwards, representing the male energy Shiva. Each person has female and male energy inside them. When observing the movement of a black hole from the top view, it looks like a yin and yang. The yin and yang symbols are another form of the merkaba represented in esoteric traditions. These triangles are not ordinarily composed, but have aspects of the Golden Ratio in them. Just as we can have rectangles drawn to the specifications of the Golden Ratio, triangles too can have their properties. Triangles have 3 variants, which are the base length, the slant length and the height. The angle also plays a major role. What is amazing is that the triangle of the Yantra is a proportionate cross-section of the Giza Pyramid, incorporating both special numbers pi (3.142...) and phi (1.618...) ratio. The base angle of the triangle in the Yantra is seen to be around 51 degrees. The same value was attributed to the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The sacred geometric mathematics of the Sri Yantra suggests that the pyramid structures around the world are also energy conductors. The standard form of the Sri Yantra has the 9 interwoven triangles and constitutes a total of 43 triangles. Different versions have circles and squares surrounding the triangles, and they are said to form the boundary within which Gods residing in the intersections can stay.

In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, it is taught that if one focuses on specific points on the body that they can tap into communication with the different archangels and ascended masters residing in different placements of the spirit kingdom that is shaped like the tree of life points. The center of the Sri Yantra has a Bindu (dot), which is the focus of the way you can meditate. The Bindu dot is often placed on the spiritual 3rd eye location on the forehead. You can either start from the inside and move out, or do it vice versa when you draw the Sri Yantra. The former is seen to be a constructive view, while the latter a destructive one. The Sri Yantra might look like a fairly simple design, but the construction is a highly complex affair even with the proper math compasses. The main point of the Sri Yantra is that many spiritual traditions as far back as Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Kaballah, and Gnostic Christianity to name a few all have the same similar teachings, yet were distinctively different due to the various yogi’s that taught such teachings either through inherited schooled knowledge or channeling cosmic truths through activating their merkaba and 3rd eye. The Sri Yantra is the smoking gun that links Kaballah and Judaism to the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, which have similar roots to much older civilizations. In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, it is believe that the descendants of the Fertile Crescent and Asia have roots to a mythologically enlightened civilization called Lemuria, which is believed to have been destroyed through warring with Atlantis as much of the population became materialist and moved into egoism, which was believed to be the downfall of Atlantis as well. The Sri Yantra 3D temple structure that can be formed from the Sri Yantra is believed to represent Mt. Meru of Lemuria, which have been depicted in Buddhist and Hindu ancient artwork. The main take away is that there are NO “chosen” people. There is only ONE and we are ALL chosen. You have to choose you and be the best you; you can be. Everyone else is amazing as they are. Separation is a delusion of the mind. Unity is the singularity of the heart.

Below is a wealth of FREE information about the Sri Yantra. Science is tapping into much more ancient knowledge lay hidden in ancient texts and artwork in many spiritual traditions all over the world.

“Concept of Sri Yantra” by Sri Yantra Research.

“Addition to Sri Yantra and Its Mathematical Properties” by Alexey Pavlovich Kulaichev at the Biology Faculty of Moscow University.

“Oregon’s Sri Yantra Crop Circle”. This 13 mile wide, 3”-10” deep Sri Yantra crop circle appeared on August 10, 1990 in the Oregon’s desert. You can still observe it today. The crop circle maps out to fit perfect Fibonacci numbers and symmetry. The skies above the Sri Yantra are regularly used as part of the Idaho Air National Guard's pilot training area. According to the lieutenant pilot who first spotted the huge pattern, no pilots had reported a design-in-progress. The Pattern had simply 'appeared' one day on a routine training mission. Air National Guard Pilot Bill Miller spotted this gigantic earth-art 70 miles southeast of Burns, Oregon. This design was immediately recognized and identified as an ancient Hindu & Buddhist meditation symbol. Four jokers claimed that they alleged they pulled a 'garden cultivator' like a plow for OVER 13 MILES, in an officially designated Wilderness Area, in the August desert heat where not even cars are permitted in this restricted training zone. They concocted the story that they hauled all their gear 3/4-mile to the site each day. In their initial 'confession letter' to the newspaper they wrote that all four of them were hitched up simultaneously to pull the cultivator, but the video (these men had created) shows only two of them attempting to pull it. One can reasonably conclude that the only creativity these four expressed was through their over-active imaginations and not through any grand desert artistry.

“Drawing a Sri Yantra”. As you can see in this brief video, it is hard enough to draw a Sri Yantra on paper with geometry tools. Making a crop circle with perfect dimensions without the pattern lines that you would have to erase to complete the final form is not possible without advance technology we don’t have for a project of this scale.

“3D Animation of Sri Yantra” shows how a 3D Sri Yantra is made using a series of pyramids. In mandalas, the 5 pointed Star of David is the merkaba vessel inside the Sri Yantra design and accompanies by an outer ring and inner ring. The outer ring is the frames of purification and the inner rings in the process back to enlightenment.
The jewel in the center is YOU. This whole structure is functioning inside a pyramid shaped frame because the pyramid is the perfect shape in nature of the harmonics to flow as an energy conductor for the human merkaba.

“The Sound of You” is the converted sound frequency of the Sri Yantra, which is 432hz. Everything is energy and the only difference between the different species are the distinctive sound frequency unique that they species. Cymatic chanting and mantras are often used in Eastern traditions to help balance the harmonics of the misaligned energies of patients needing healing. The Sri Yantra is the cymatic cosmic symbol that gets formed when “Om” is sounded into a tonoscope in sound wave research. The “Om” chant is often used in Buddhism to convey the oneness with God. Even in sonic research, the harmonics of “Om” says that you are gods and goddess incarnated into physical reflections of God/universal source energy. We are all just equal reflections of source energy that resides in each of us waiting to accept others as mirror images of ourselves.

“Importance of A=432HZ Music” by Brian T. Collins. Brian Collins does excellent work on the frequency of 432HZ in music and how it harmonizes the emotions of the human body as measured in medicine. He has also found that perfect Fibonacci numbers and golden ratios are found in his instruments when he plays 432HZ frequencies into cymatics experiments in water and all other cymatic instruments. He has found through his research that our individual and collective reality is a constructed hologram. Please visit his research for more information on his leading edge research.

“Harmonic Mandalas from the Human Voice” by John Stuart Reid and Erik Larson. John Stuart Reid, an acoustic scientist working in a UK laboratory, and Erik Larson, a US-based design engineer. Erik did most of the development work on the instrument. This duo developed a sophisticated tonoscope for cymatics that can take anyone’s voice and show the sacred geometry unique to the DNA blueprint of that person. The mandalas of each human being are unique to them and show their complete energetic DNA blueprint in sound. It’s like the genetic code in relation to sound. Everyone vibrates at 432HZ, but the mandala of each person has slight differences making each of us unique, but equal versions of gods and goddesses in physical form. Sacred geometry is the smoking gun linking all relevant spiritual traditions together and it can be proven holistically through cymatics. So the sound chanting of the east in spirituality can be scientifically truthful linking all of us a one collective family. “Holla to ‘da mandala."

“Project Om Chart” by Jonathon Goldman. This link covers the harmonic research Goldman works on in relation to how sound therapy has healing abilities in medicine. He has research frequencies in cymatics and has found that sound waves at an “Om” frequency create the Sri Yantra tetrahedral star that encompasses the Star of David, which is the merkaba in humans.

“Om Mani Padme Hum”. The “Om” chant is the most important mantra in Buddhism. The Sri Yantra, Star of David, and human   can be summarized in one cosmic chant we know of, which is “Om”. “Om” is the zero point/black hole within your heart, which is the 1st organ to grow in the fetus and is that which all things explode outwards and implode inwards upon death. It is the spiritual weight that leaves the body upon death that has baffled doctors regarding missing ounces in moratorium. It is the six syllable mantra of the Bodhisattva of compassion. Bodhisattva’s (human angels) are incarnations that like to be in service to humanity, but incarnate with the same veil of forgetfulness in order to assimilate well into whatever culture or tradition they choose to serve their intended missions. Translated as "Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus”. The jewel is you. You were always born in perfection as the advance sound wave used to create you was perfect otherwise you wouldn’t exist. The sacred geometric shape of water is Archangel Metatron’s icosahedron cube and the only flower growing out of it is a lotus. The jewel in the lotus growing into Buddhahood/Christ Consciousness is the human form of an icosahedron energy body, which is a Star of David. Hence, you’re the jewel that completes the creation experience. Divine spirit expressed in physical form created uniquely to be able to have firsthand experience of all that you create and what the collective creates. The only demons and evil are those you create out of your own thoughts and emotions, which is an illusion in your mind. Letting go of fear and returning to unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness is your natural state always.

Von Douangphrachanh

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