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In the Christian faith, there are many prayers and mantras which contain the words (or concepts) "mercy", "blessing", and "forgiveness".
I wonder if the basis for this observation is that, generally speaking, we lack the ability to do this for ourselves.

If you consider the physical body, the subtle body, and traumatic experience, you can see, if you look carefully, that these are all interrelated.
I would venture to say that the majority of issues, whether physical or mental, are the result of stagnation.

Something that has not been "let go of", becomes the source of "dis-ease".

More widely speaking, we seem to be in a world now that is comfortable in it's toxicity. It's quite the situation. Mass stagnation.

There was someone talking about stress, and the thought was that we are very adaptable beings. That constant, low level of everyday stress we can deal with mentally.
But that also accumulates in the body as well.
It's not obvious immediately, but once the bucket is full, it will tip over. That's the body.

So I would offer up the idea that the "path" or spiritual endeavor now, is not to achieve rank or grade, but to heal.

We have created many weapons to harm, but the tools for healing are scarce.
I wonder if that motif of a hermit on mountain, forsaking society to wonder forward into the infinite internal, might actually be a valid option.

Either way, I also wonder if we have missed the point taught from the largest religion in the world (estimated 2.3 billion followers) of "mercy", "blessing", and "forgiveness".
Perhaps the lack of these concepts expressed in human action have little to do with the number of followers, but more to do with the number of wounds that the 1 carries...

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Comment by Chris Kelley on August 14, 2019 at 9:46pm

I cannot reach up until what I am surrounded by, personally, is dealt with. Made peace with.
This is my first step.

Comment by anki on August 14, 2019 at 6:02pm

Good points and food for the thought. I think in general it is a mix between someone's personality and the issues they have, how they were brought up and the society they live in and all kinds of experiences they lived through. How one lives,

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