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Once upon a time in the east there was a forest filled with life

Through the forest ran a river shallow but long separating two countries.

Around its shores there were gray rocks and yellow sand.

Small hills reaching up with trees surrounding the river.

Forest reaching far to the nearby village.

Between the forest and the village there was a field

Corn field, far and wide with a small graveyard on its north side.

A path ran in the middle of the graveyard leading to a big old tree behind it.


This place was a peaceful yet lonely place

Where the lost went to think and find their way

To ask the local spirits for guidance and return to nature.

The sun would shine upon this sanctuary all day

Yet never burn the leaves and never exhaust natures green life.

In this sacred forest there was a little girl.

She had always lived there, at least as far as she could remember.

She would eat the fruits from the trees, drink from the river

When she was tired sleep under that big old tree.


The little girl was waiting for her grandfather

He had left and didn’t come back

The sky opened and he climbed up the stairways the angels send him

She was still waiting for him to come back down,

Every day she would sit and look up in the clouds

And ask them when they would send him back,

They never answered.


One day she was sitting under the tree, praying for him to return

When in the far she saw the corn move and a shadow moving forward.

She couldn’t see who it was from the distance

But she saw it coming closer and closer.

The child stood up and walked towards the person.

It was a shadow of a woman, fully dressed in white.

Her eyes and hands veiled in silk and her feet not touching the ground

From her hair lint’s and stripes of air flying freely all around.


“Are you my angel?” the child asked “will you bring him back?”

“No but I will bring you to him” the lady smiled

“why don’t you show me your face?”

“I don’t need to show you; I am you”


The child didn’t understand her but was curious to know more

She looked at the angel with questions and hope in her eyes.

“come with me” the angel whispered


They walked back to the old tree, on behind it and on behind the woods.

The child froze on the spot at the sight waiting for her

She couldn’t believe her little brown eyes

There he was, right there waiting just as he was years ago.

She had waited so very long for him to return.

“Go” the angel spoke


The child ran right into his arms, crying.

“You came back for me, you kept your promise” she mumbled

A piece of her heart was healed, a piece of the puzzle put in its place.

The waiting and sadness had ended; it was almost too real to be true.


The sky opened once more and the stairway of gold came down once more,

“please take me with you” she begged

He hugged her tight and took her along up the stairways

All the way between the stars and sat with her on a cloud in the sky.

They looked down and she saw herself sleeping under the tree.

She knew what had happened and understood where he had gone.

It didn’t matter anymore though; she had found her heart.


“Where is the angel?” she asked.

But her grandfather just smiled and kissed her head.

He touched her heart and hugged her.

The angel was still here she had never gone anywhere

She was right there in her heart; she was the missing piece.

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