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Sounds like the beginning of a political campaign "Stand!" Fill in the blank here....
5 characters leading to an emotional based ideology.

And yet only one character that represents both fear and hope.
I question, and I will ask you. Beloved reader.

How many people stand in between YOU and reality?
Think slowly and carefully. 

There's the family you are born into, and the expectations that are tied to that dynamic.
There's the collective society that lays out the blueprint of what is best for your life.
There's the archetypes of personalities that are presented to you in between commercials.
There's the "information" that is feed to you because you like to look at shiny things.

Stand? for what? There is nothing for you to stand on because you cannot see the ground underneath.
Don't look, can't look, within that ground lurks dragons....

Its easy to project, this is admonishment of responsibility.

You think you have been looking up, but what you have really been doing is not looking within.

The Individual Is Paramount,
As Within So Without

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Comment by sav on September 30, 2018 at 11:55am

You've really honed in the Biggies here - dominant religion, education, birthing and cultural experience - all within reach of radically improving within ourselves ... and in doing so extending outward as well.

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