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Step back for a second and look.
Your desires are commerce.

You purchase a new vehicle. Never mind the process, take a look at the stickers on it, required to be on it.

In the US, you need state inspection, sticker.
You need license plates, sticker.
You need vehicle emissions test, sticker.
Physically you need two more stickers on the license plate.
If you live in the city, you need a parking sticker.
At your work, you need a sticker to park.
Don't forget you are legally bound to be insured to operate said sticker fest on wheels.

All I wanted was a vehicle, that I liked/desired, to move me from point A to point B.

Now it's covered in endorsements. I should be in Nascar.
Can't drive fast enough to blow the stickers off, well you get a ticket for that. Sticker.

Oh yeah.
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The more stickers we have, the more important we are...

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