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The Dopamine pathway...

Easy "victories"...

Loss of the experience of struggle/conflict and success/failure...

And ultimately the loss of personal growth...

So this post started with the thought of "I should order pizza tonight for dinner".
Then I asked myself why? I have food in the fridge. In fact, I had already decided on what I was going to eat before this thought.
Then I got to thinking about the "pizza thought". I remembered the feeling of the anticipation of eating pizza as a young lad. The occasion's from what I have experienced usually revolved around some form of celebration.
A win from a kid league baseball game, a weekend sleepover at a friends house, hell even today in the "professional" world, the celebration of the completion of a group project.

The same pattern exists if you replace pizza with booze.

Now I am just throwing out ideas here, but is it me or has that process been shortened and simplified to the point that there is only the trophy or only the celebration?
And, dare I say, that this loss of "true struggle" (I will define this as the act performing an activity that can reveil personal obstacles to an individual and that also presents a path for the transformation of the individual to overcome those obstacles), has led to a lot of mental issues in the modern society at large.
*Note here that I forgot how to spell "reveil" and looked it up online; "reveil" : defined as 'to make known', right next to "revile": defined as 'to subject to verbal abuse'.*

Earthly stuff, right? Well lets not forget it.
In my opinion, the animal side of our personality cannot be ignored. It has to be understood and allowed to roam, in a constructive way. Otherwise, that side will stagnate, and nasty things will grow and attach themselves to that portion of the personality.

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The dragon/beast exists in all of us. But if this is not considered, then the dragon/beast sleeps until it becomes bored with unconsciousness. Then it rises to rage and feed. 
A society that dilutes struggle, true struggle, produces hungry monsters and empty hearts.
Struggle will occur, with you or to you.

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Comment by neophyte on June 14, 2018 at 3:20am

Good Post! :-)

and you're quite right - you did forget how to spell reveAl as in to uncover. Reveil means to re-cover (with the veil) ;-) not recover as in to regain health.

Don't you just LOVE the English language sometimes?? :-)

Here's to a good struggle - cheers!

God is within you.

Comment by Chris Kelley on June 12, 2018 at 9:48pm

Amazing how you take a simple "impulse" while taking a piss into something much more. 

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