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With every sunset a new sun rises -even though that new sun brings beauty- so too does a sunset hold its beauty, to see beauty in life and death, but what is beauty?

Some say that a good death makes a man, but a good death does not come in the moment, how does one live a deep life, that when death comes, the depth of it may be seen.

There is so often evil in grand things, is there light in the deepest shadow?

The clear answer must be no, but that is refusing the whole, how does one live deeply, so that they may die well?

To see beauty in the core of existence -but what is beauty- as harmonies and interconnection arises, patterns of symmetry manifest, what is beauty -and a good death?- but what dies and what is deep life itself, in chains of karma or in nobility.

If a good death makes a man, may the two make excellence?

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Comment by Eterno Crepusculo on July 12, 2016 at 2:10am

"Eterno Crepúsculo "

Comment by anki on July 11, 2016 at 10:33am

I once cared for a man on his death bed. He was a wild man when he lived he did everything he wanted, had money, had many women. But in the end he was very sick and tied to his bed the whole time. He couldnt walk anymore and his wife who had left him for all the other women came back in the end of his life to care for him as well. 

In all the pain that he had he was happy in these last days. Week before he died he told me that death is very slow and cruel and wont take him. Was asking me why wont death wont come for him.

At that moment when he was passing i was right there sitting by his bed he started staring at the celing. The pain in his face vanished and he looked so in peace. He said he was sorry to his wife for all the other women and he was thankful she is there. At that moment of his passing these last minutes it seemed like death and life became one. Just at the moment when he let his last breath out. 

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