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So I had an interesting experience the day that I felt like sharing.
Mind you, I am no yogi, but I like sharing experiences that I feel were important to me.
The experience was substantial for me, and hey, maybe there is something for you. I don't know, and I do not claim to know, but I will share nonetheless.

There is a project at work I am the owner of, and the goal of the project had changed multiple times while efforts were in progress to complete the original goal of the project.
Those intentions of change were basically "to do more" with the same amount of resources I had to begin with.
At was first bothered by this, emotionally, and then confused on what to do.
I didn't know what direction to take to be able to appease all of the requested goals. The project was spread thin, along with the resources.
No clear direction.

So instead of trying to satisfy everyone piling on expectations, I started from scratch. From square one.
I collected the data, and included all of the concerning factors and analyzed them all together.
I produced several scenarios to satisfy each individual goal and estimated what the impact would be to the resource "fund".

Then I presented my data to management. With no answers, no recommendations.
Basically "okay you want to do this, this is what it will cost" for each and every concern.
But during the review, a solution did appear. One that covered multiple concerns, but not completely. It sat somewhere in the middle and didn't blow the budget.

New project goal and direction discovered and agreed upon. Success!

Now the hurdle for me in this process was the perceived weight of trying to get everything right 100%. Mitigate all risk and please all parties involved and their "concerns".
Once I accepted that this was not possible, it became obvious for me to show them this as well.
Once I let go of that "want" to please everyone and silence all of their concerns, the work moved quickly and effortlessly almost.
I was in the "zone" and no longer worried about how my presentation would be received. Hell, I didn't have an answer, and I did not care.
But somehow I knew that presenting the situation of the problem as clearly as I could, was more important that trying to be superman and having the "golden answer".

Key points here:
1. External expectations and assumptions, be careful. Do not disregard, but do not completely embrace.
2. Perception must always be considered, not just your own, but also the perceptions of who you are in a relationship with. Be it personal, or in business/work.
3. If you feel that you are spread thin in resources (like energy), don't be afraid to tear everything down to square one, to the foundation, with the mindset of building something new. Something better that utilizes the new understanding gained. New tools to build something better.

Lastly, it's energy well worth spending to characterize the problem fully and construct more accurate questions rather that throwing recycled and redundant solutions at a situation.

Be better at asking questions, you might get better answers...

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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