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Sweet Dew - Dharma Teachings (Miao Lien)

Sweet Dew - Dharma Teachings by the Venerable Master Miao Lien

Seek happiness through working hard and enduring suffering.

One who sacrifices himself to benefit another does not lose himself; rather, he blends himself with the masses and ceases to distinguish between himself and others. Consequently, he gains both merit and wisdom, and this is the way to happiness.

In order to be happy, you need to be selfless.

Attachment causes the body and mind to suffer; letting go brings relaxation and ease.

To find ease and comfort, one needs to have wisdom; without wisdom, one forms attachments, and attachments bring suffering.

Being busy physically is not a cause for concern; it is the unsettled mind that is the real cause of all your troubles.

If you can handle criticism, you can take on important tasks. IF you can bear an injustice, then you can take on difficult tasks.

The five desires (wealth, lust, love, food, and sleep) are like brine - the more you drink the thirstier you became. Our greed is as deep as the ocean; you can never get to the bottom of it. Discontent is a kind of suffering. Happiness can only be found by minimizing your worldly desires, by being content with what you have. 

To rid yourself of the suffering that arises from anger and hatred, you must be magnanimous and forgiving. This is the way to attain joy and peace.

When facing hardship and adversity, remain calm and determined. Never blame other people or your circumstances, but reflect always on your own shortcomings.

Giving does not necessary involve money. Dedicating physical or mental effort, or even just expressing praise when you see somebody doing a good deed. These are also ways to give.


Being constantly active and never calm, or beings always calm and never active, does not lead to ease and comfort. The only way to ease and comfort is to act when necessary, and be quiet when appropriate.

Have some humility; do the unpleasant tasks that others avoid and leave those that are praiseworthy and advantageous to others: then you will be able to live happily and be blessed wherever you go.

Finding faults with others is like looking at yourself in a mirror, because it should make you reflect on the faults in yourself. Criticize yourself just like you criticize others, and forgive others as easily as you would forgive yourself.

The key to achieving perfection in your education, your career, and your moral development is not the initial effort, but persistence in application.

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