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There's a fundamental pattern of attachment I see in the larger social domain, and even in myself.
When things/patterns are accepted, they become comfortable. Mesmerizing one could say.
And when the expected appears, via the accepted pattern, it is crystalized in the mind.
This is limited perception, limited consciousness.

Coming out of what can be called the "dark" or dense stages of the Kali Yuga cycle, and the new realm of Aquarius (corresponding element of Air), accepted restrictions are waning from a societal point of view.

Like walking out of Plato's cave. Blinded by the light of possibility.
What do we do in reaction of this transition, we look back to the comfortable (accepted) darkness of restraint.

Thoughts of war, political division, social division occurring in the past history are being ignored to be re-created again.
To provide comfort (sympathy of what has been known) separation of ideas, and ultimately the individual, in the attempt to conjure what has existed before this transition is being recklessly emanated and projected.

Think in terms of a war veteran who became comfortable in war and death, then once removed from that environment seeks to produce that same environment through self destruction.

The solution for this has become the "acceptance" of certain restrictive and separative models of thought.
If professions have been separated by gender, then you seek to destroy that. Because it is a retaliation to its existence.
It's a restraint.
If the words of others have led to some emotional distress, well know there is now an avenue for retaliation/expression that was not present before.

This seems counterintuitive, but if the times have allowed for such, the general intention and focus should be the individual self. Thus creating a foundation for healthy recourse with others. Not the attachment to past grievances.

Take the quote I love so much, "As within, so without".
You can certainly work that backwards, and not in a good way.

If what you seek, your true self ultimately, bring some awareness to the environment at hand, situational awareness.
The answer doesn't have to be provided, and the answer might not be the point, what is desired is the ability to move closer to that answer.
Expanding personal awareness and consciousness through the process will allow for effective communication on all levels.
It's not necessarily the goal first intended, but the process of seeking and attaining is what brings wealth.

The question:
It seems easy to follow someone else's orders, even if the process is just as painful if you told yourself to do it.
Restraints are lifted, but the terrain has not changed. Or has it?

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